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SEEK Systems Introduces Its Next Generation Xcelerator with 42% Performance Increase.

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 31, 1996--SEEK Systems Inc., the leader in memory-based storage solutions, today introduced the second-generation of its Xcelerator(TM) "memory based storage" device delivering breakthrough system performance.

"SEEK's second-generation Xcelerator(TM) incorporates both enhancements suggested by existing customers and engineering improvements of the initial design which has been in volume shipment since January 1996," said Joe Argento, Director of Marketing of SEEK Systems. "The result is a more intelligent, more powerful and more flexible solution that dramatically improves system performance by incorporating intelligent caching, sold state memory and flexible connectivity to create a range of benefits never before available in a single 5.25" SCSI component. Major enhancements to the Xcelerator(TM) include: Adaptive Cache(TM) with protected space, Adaptive Prefetch(TM), a new CPU and faster memory, resulting in a doubling of processing power."

Adaptive Cache(TM)

The SEEK Xcelerator(TM) features optimized proprietary Adaptive Cache(TM) algorithms that continuously sense the type of data and dynamically adjust the Xcelerator(TM)'s data handling to deliver optimum I/O performance. The implementation of protected space within Adaptive Cahe(TM), to hold frequently used data, eliminates cache pollution and cache thrashing. This ensures that active data is kept in memory-based storage where it can be accessed at extremely high speed. The result is performance near that of Solid State Disk, at a fraction of the cost.

Adaptive Prefetch(TM)

The advantages of prefetch are based on two premises; there is a high likelihood that data near requested data will be requested next, and one large read operation is more efficient than many smaller ones. The SEEK Xcelerator(TM) advances prefetch technology by "adapting" or changing prefetch sizes to match data patterns requested by the host. This dramatically increases efficiency and performance beyond that available from static prefetch algorithms.

Faster Processor and Memory

The SEEK Xcelerator(TM) now incorporates the Motorola 68060 processor and 60 microsecond error correcting memory that nearly doubles CPU processing power and provides system performance increases up to 40% in actual operation.

Improved Performance

Performance is optimized by SEEK's Xcelerator(TM), as parameters are intelligently changed on-the-fly by dynamic heuristic algorithms. This relieves the user of both monitoring performance and manually changing parameters as workloads change. Through SEEK System's flexible caching implementation, the Xcelerator(TM) delivers significant I/O performance advantages without tying up valuable CPU cycles or memory. The SEEK Xcelerator(TM) can be shared by up to 6 host systems running concurrently.

Performance is further enhanced by the Xcelerator(TM)'s scalable design that increases its data handling capability as memory is added. The Xcelerator(TM) significantly increases performance of most applications with the standard 64MB of memory. An entry-level Xcelerator(TM) will out-perform the average magnetic disk by 220% and high-performance RAID systems by 55%. Adding memory modules, up to 1GB total, will boost performance and will allow the Xcelerator(TM) to out-perform the highest-performing RAID systems by as much as 3 to 1.


The Xcelerator(TM) is now available with improved features:

- optimized self-tuning algorithms - up to 1GB memory - internal UPS - multi-host support - optional redundant (mirrored) disk configuration

SEEK System's Xcelerator(TM) is fully SCSI-compatible and appears to the host as a single peripheral. The Xcelerator(TM) supports a wide variety of hosts, including, IBM, DEC, HP, Sun, Novell, NT, Unisys, Wang and other UNIX-based systems. The Xcelerator(TM) does not require a unique I/O driver nor does it force users into proprietary components. Industry standard SCSI-2 interfaces allow connection of most SCSI compatible disks and disk adapters to the Xcelerator(TM).

SEEK Systems Inc. designs and manufactures high performance, scalable memory based storage solutions for fault tolerant networks. SEEK's Adaptive Cache(TM) solutions, deliver dramatic I/O performance increases for database applications. SEEK's Adaptive Cache(TM) products include two product lines. Adaptive RAID(TM) systems provide dynamic RAID level selection and dynamic tuning and intuitive array management. The Xcelerator(TM) provides Solid State Disk (SSD) performance at a fraction of traditional cost. SEEK users receive not only performance, but value as well.

All SEEK Adaptive Cache(TM) storage solutions offer unique performance and network management software that configures, monitors, and optimizes system I/O performance. SEEK Systems data management solutions, for Open Systems Client/Server networks, provide the most complete performance storage offering in the industry -- with the best ratio of price/performance available.

For additional product information contact: SEEK Systems Inc., Sales & Marketing, SEEK Office Park, 11014 120th Ave., NE, Kirkland, WA 98033, 206/822-7400 or fax: 206/822-3898. -0- Note To Editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on SEEK Systems please check out the SEEK Homepage at -0- SEEK, Xcelerator and Adaptive RAID, Adaptive Prefetch and Adaptive Cache are registered trademarks of SEEK Systems Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: SEEK Systems Inc., Kirkland

Joe Argento, 206/822-7400 (editorial contact)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 31, 1996
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