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B. Otte 13145 Indian Road Kewadin, MI 49648-9325

Has: marjoram, fennel, sweet basil, parsley, caraway, dill, Johnny jump-ups, campanula (blue), candy lilies, hardy gloxinia (purple, pink), Turk's cap lily, Columbine dragonfly and fancy day lily

Wants: zone 4 or 5 perennial flowers, heirloom veggies, medicinal herbs and cacti wheat, hulled oats, amaranth and quinoa

E. Otto 810 County Line Road Pleasantville, NJ 37147

Has: luffa sponge, butternut squash, assorted colored marigolds

Wants: non-hybrid vegetable seeds, including leeks, celery, brussels sprouts, carrots, onions, wax beans, arugula, globe artichoke, endive, pickling cucumber, Florence fennel, sunflower, beet, garlic and parsnip

J. Sunderman 8401 Bobolink Drive Cincinnati, OH 45231

Has: hollyhocks, African marigolds (assorted colors), petunias, pansies, cosmos, old-fashioned cosmos, and an assortment of lettuce and vegetables

Wants: any vegetable heirloom seeds, cooking pumpkin, golden yarrow, double hollyhocks, any flower seeds or bulbs, pickling cucumber, birdhouse gourds and snapdragons

S. Sanders Rt. 3, Box 107-20 Durant, OK 74701

Has: I just moved to a new house and had to leave everything in the garden because it was January. Now I need to start over. I can't trade seeds but I can trade my homemade soaps.

Wants: any herbs, patchouli, eucalyptus, hibiscus, Shasta daisy, larkspur, morning glories, iris, lilies, canna, coneflower, cosmos, Indian blankets, luffa, any hostas, wisteria tree, weeping willow, forsythia, grapes, plumes and any cacti

G. Hatcher CR 615-740 Ripley, MS 38663

Has: many thanks

Wants: citron melon seeds

L. Burkhalter 1926 W. Amelia Ave. #1 Phoenix, AZ 85015-5304

Has: Arizona mesquite and Palo Verde trees; lantana (lavender, light and dark yellow); hollyhocks; D'Anjou pear seed; Anna apple seed; pomegranate; Valencia orange; limited amounts of yellow grapefruit and lemon seeds and 300- to 500-year-old sweet potato plants

Wants: anything of Cherokee origin like Cherokee Wax, humpback, Creaseback, Caseknife, Lazy Wife; any runners or half runners, pole beans, cowpeas, soybeans, grains, stock beets, okra, Peacevine cherry tomato, Fillbasket brussels sprouts, OP broccoli, peanuts, popcorn, sweet potatoes, yams (1920s to 1940s), any herbs (medicinal or other), rat-tailed radish, cattails, tea herbals, melons, mushroom spawns and fragrant flowers

D. Compton 6875 Farnsley Knob Road Elizabeth, IN 47117

Has: persimmon seeds from my experimental orchard, Konora oak, ginkgo, Golden Raintree and many more

Wants: wild persimmon seeds identified by county and state of origin.

D. Espinoza P.O. Box 176 Hartford, IA 50118

Has: larkspur, cleome, verbena hollyhock

Wants: any datura, hibiscus or butterfly loving plant

V. Yakhich P.O. Box 91 Gilbert, MN 55741

Has: white marigold, sophia, pink baby's breath, pink on blue Veronica, rose Astilbi, rose Spinea, lamb's ears, yellow mullein, yellow heleposis, daisy, goldenrod, Rudbeckia

Wants: any ivy, fern, vines, roses, petunia, thalictrum and any houseplant

D. Hawley Rt. 5 Box 2631 Whitney, TX 76692

Has: Clemson spineless, red or bush okra, bread-seed poppy, Georgia coward, Martin House, club or bowl gourd, rattlesnake or romano pole bean, adzuki or apalousa bean, Myles bush garbanzo, Israel melon, Swiss chard, purple top turnip, rutabaga, Detroit dark red beet, early white Vienna kohlrabi, black seeded simpson, butter-crunch lettuce, national pickling cucumber, super sugar snap, little marvel or Oregon sugar pod pea, tall telephone pea, chileepin, Inca rainbow corn, yellow yarrow, blue larkspur, pink hibiscus, bloomsdale spinach

Wants: Bedford Fillbasket brussels, Catskill brussels, broccoli de Cicco, Ohkura daikon, miner's lettuce, red leaf vegetable amaranth, lingua di canario lettuce, New Mexico cave bean, purple serrano, Thai hot pepper, pepperocino pepper, jalapeno, yellow custard scallop, Costata Romanesco squash, blue Hubbard, pink banana, Long Island cheese squash, sweet dumpling squash, flat white Boer squash, kindred squash, black krim, coustralee, giant paste, black plum, red pear, Anna Russian, Cherokee purple, Moskvich, German, striped German, Early Stone Age wheat, kamut wheat, hulled oats, amaranth and quinoa

A. Whitlock P.O. Box 314 Matthews, MO 63867-6314

Has: multicolored sunflowers (grow up to 12 ft.), marigold mix with two varieties, a few four o'clocks

Wants: luffa, birdhouse gourds, Thumbelina carrot

S. Patrick Rt. 3, Box 347F Jacksonville, TX 75766

Has: hollyhock, purple coneflower, zinnias, cannas (red, yellow, orange), trumpet plants

Wants: water lilies, anything unusual, assorted vegetables and annuals

Send lists of seeds you want and have to Seed Swap, 49 E. 21st St., 11th Fl., New York, NY 10010. Please be sure to provide a SASE when requesting seeds from other readers!
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