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Karen Bode

22434 545th Avenue Litchfield, MN 55355-5715

Wants: cilantro, dill, nasturtium, basil (any kind) bachelor's button, any poppies,Queen Anne's lace, any peppers, ornamental grasses, any vines, any perennial plants (for zone 4), pampas grass

Has: hollyhocks, squash, marigolds, and rue

Robin Endres

105 E. Mary Street Cumberland, MD 21502

Wants: anything and everything you don't want

Has: orange tree seeds the size of a dime

Lisa Robinson

RR#3 Box 416 Pikeville, TN 37367-9446

Wants: moon and stars watermelon, any water plants, any herbs, medicinals, anything rare

Has: all kinds sunflower, peach double poppy, moon lily, goblin gardenia, wild flower mix, sweet million cherry tomatoes, whirly gig zinnia

Sunday Rogers

P.O. Box 309 Spencer, TN 38585

Wants: valerian, corkscrew willow, herbs, bog plant seeds, ornamental grasses, dye plant seeds

Has: salad seeds, yellow gum weed, heirlom achimenes, mistletoe cactus, short-ruffled daylily

Gary and Debbie Stevens

120 Island View Drive Traverse City, Mi 49686

Wants: rhizomatous or bulb flowers, laurel, Ionicera, jasmine, caladium, geranium, aristolchia, zoysia grass, primula, sarracenia, Venus fly trap, tropaelolum, foxglove, linaria, meconopsis, oenothera, grass--"stipatenuisima," dicentra, rosemary irene, thymus coccineus, armeria, pyrethrum-no yellow, orchids, prickly poppy, ginkgo, wisteria

Has: columbine, double hollyhocks, marguerite, purple cone flower, foxglove tansy, purple beebalm, yellow cone flower, chives, garlic, marsh mallow, lavender, flowering crab trees, orange asclepias, shasta daisy, marguerite, sunflower, pink phlox, hyssop, elder berry, orange trumpet, vine, holly, highbush, cranberry, Rose of Sharon--pink, coreopsis, lily of valley, Jacob's ladder, cinnamon fern, night shade, and more with time

Jenny Hand

106 Walk up Interlachen, FL 32148

Wants: fruit or nut varieties zone 6 to 9: love the unusual, kiwi blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, rhubarb, pawpaw, elderberry, self-pollinating sweet cherry, currants, artichoke, asparagus, miracle fruit, hazelnut, almond, walnut, chestnut, fig

Has: loveties, yellow marigold, damis rockets, orange tomato, parsley, Indian corn, woodsorrel, lambs quarter, yarrow, chapalote popcorn, ornamental corn, ornamental peppers, wild soapstone yucca, horehound, coriander, French thyme, fenugreek, cosmos, zinnia

Mike Varady

4318 Sunset Drive Los Angeles, CA 90027-6011

Wants: oyster plants (salsify), white or Spanish varieties, bilberries, cauliflower, orange or purple varieties, white marigolds, white beets, carrots of any color except orange, blue leaf dandelions

Has: galila melons, black soybeans, and Anasazi beans

Jan Cash

435 Parr Farm Road Covington, GA 30016

Wants: gourd seed, zucca, chinese bottle, Mexican bottle, Indonesia bottle, sennari

Has: luffa, ornamental bottle (lump in neck), Martin (shaped like a kettle), dipper

Debbie Morgan

2112 Dave Wood Road Montrose, CO 81401

Wants: columbine (all colors), lovage, asparagus, grapefruit, mint, African blue basil

Has: red Rubin, Thailand sweet basil, summer savory, a limited supply of Turkish orange eggplant, crimson giant radish, and black Spanish radish
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Date:Apr 1, 1998
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