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SeeBeyond (NASDAQ:SBYN) has launched the SeeBeyond Integrated Composite Application Network (ICAN) Suite v5.0.

With the number one business driver of today's CIO being reducing costs while maximizing resources, global organizations must leverage existing IT investments and eliminate silo-based processes to ensure they are more agile and responsive to market opportunities. Recognizing these business challenges, SeeBeyond has released the fifth generation of its solution suite, helping customers leverage diverse, best-of-breed environments in which legacy IT assets can become steppingstones to the future, rather than stumbling blocks of the past.

"We've been listening to our customers, and as a result, SeeBeyond is proud to be redefining the integration space with the world's first truly open, portable and standards-based platform for the development and integration of composite applications," said Jim Demetriades, founder and CEO of SeeBeyond. "The SeeBeyond ICAN 5.0 suite gives our customers a competitive advantage, and for those companies that don't want to integrate their integration software, the suite is built on a single code base. We have been building towards this vision for the last four years, and we are the only vendor today that has made it a reality."

According to Gartner Research: To users, a composite application appears to be a single application. However, within the architecture its components' business logic belongs to independent, stand-alone applications, programs or services. Composite applications make the best use of application integration to develop new transactional applications. Composite applications are entering the mainstream.

"A composite application is more than a collection of systems wired together," states Alex Demetriades, senior vice president of products for SeeBeyond. "That was traditional eAI. A true composite application includes application integration plus the emergence of views, decisions, and actions not otherwise possible. Historically, when business requirements were not met by existing standalone applications, organizations frequently replaced them or developed new custom applications internally. Often it is more cost-effective to non-programmatically extend what's already in place. The SeeBeyond ICAN platform is optimized for this purpose, enabling customers to address challenges that go beyond typical application development or typical integration by allowing existing functions, services and data models to be assembled into rich composite applications without coding."

Making The Integrated Composite Application Network A Reality

Customers Speak Out

"Today, planning our IT infrastructure so that it can flexibly meet our evolving business requirements is all about knowing how to create business value through automation," said David Dart, managing director and CIO for Hypo Vereinsbank (HVB) Americas. "Tomorrow, the same infrastructure must build upon this automation by enabling the rapid generation of composite applications that leverage existing IT assets -- SeeBeyond's ICAN 5.0 Suite delivers upon this vision. With the combination of eGate, eInsight, eVision and ePortal 5.0, we now have the ability to create this new breed of applications with customized end- user interfaces at a fraction of what it would cost to use standard development tools or to purchase packaged, off-the-shelf applications. Business value is no longer about packaged applications, it's about the business-user services those applications can be orchestrated to provide."

In moving to a common integration backbone, it is critical for global organizations to deploy a completely open and standards-based solution to support their diverse IT environments. As an early adopter customer, Group Health Incorporated (GHI) is deploying this common backbone in the form of eGate 5.0, leveraging the SeeBeyond platform to enhance its customer-centric environment, while seeking to achieve shorter response times, greater privacy and security of member records. "With its advanced and innovative integration to legacy applications, and its enterprise scale change management capabilities, the eGate 5.0 platform allows us to remain focused on our core business, while supporting the growth levels we are experiencing -- regardless of the heterogeneous nature of our current and future environments," said Philip Berman, chief information officer for GHI.

As a leader in offering products and services to efficiently collect, store, retrieve and manage medical information, MedPlus (a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics, Inc.) is focused on delivering solutions that enable healthcare providers to achieve their information integration goals while being sensitive to controlling costs. "Leveraging SeeBeyond's eView Studio product, we were able to rapidly assemble a more flexible and powerful Master Patient Index application that can easily be customized to fit our business requirements," said Jim McCool, director of product architecture for MedPlus. "More importantly, it gave us insight into how simple it can be to create other 'single view' composite applications. The competitive advantage this brings is tremendous, as we can now rapidly deliver innovative solutions that will reduce operational costs and improve customers satisfaction by enabling consistent information management across the enterprise."

With enterprise-wide integration being a top priority for Nike, the organization's primary goal is to accomplish its business objectives while lowering the ongoing development and maintenance costs of its IT investments. "As a long-standing SeeBeyond customer, Nike has witnessed the continuous and leading-edge development of the SeeBeyond solution suite," said Gordon Steele, CIO, Global Information Technology, Nike. "With eXchange Integrator 5.0, we now have the capability for seamless and secure connectivity from back-office to trading partner, resulting in an incredible amount of flexibility and providing us with the ability to define support for any open or proprietary protocol to meet the needs of our individual partners."

With a strategic vision to enable a comprehensive logistics solution that will maximize value across its Consumer Healthcare supply chain, Pfizer is focused on enhancing productivity and improving flexibility through system integration and business process management. "The intuitive and standards-based business process modelling and management environment that comes with the deployment of eInsight 5.0 will allow our business line managers and integration developers to overcome the traditional barriers that accompany the integration of business processes across disparate systems," said Violet Arul, manager of customer replenishment services for Pfizer. "SeeBeyond has demonstrated that they recognize the challenges in managing complex technology landscapes, and has responded with the ICAN suite of products that can simplify what we do today and extend what is possible in the future."

As an agribusiness, Syngenta is focused on maintaining competitive advantage and improving the overall flow of information across its extended enterprise. "The movement of bulk data across the organization is critical to maintaining competitive advantage," said Jeff Brown, head of Global Strategy and Architecture of Syngenta. "Building on our existing SeeBeyond infrastructure, we can now leverage eTL Integrator to orchestrate ETL activities within our integration flows, thereby avoiding inflexible standalone solutions, which will reduce our overall maintenance costs and allow us to manage the flow of information within a common solution -- a solution that unifies the power of business integration and ETL."

Partnering to Deliver The Integrated Composite Application Network

As a key SeeBeyond alliance partner and a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing companies, Accenture played a unique role in testing the SeeBeyond ICAN Suite 5.0. As a result of this collaboration and the training of the first group of Accenture personnel on the suite, Accenture is well positioned to work with SeeBeyond in enabling joint clients to achieve new levels of business performance.

"With more than four years of successful SeeBeyond deployments, Accenture looks forward to continuing to deliver solutions that help clients further leverage existing IT investments while ensuring that supporting infrastructures complement their future business strategies," said David Plesko, partner lead -- Enterprise Integration, Accenture. "Based on our recent hands-on experience, we believe SeeBeyond ICAN 5.0 moves SeeBeyond to the next level and firmly positions it to achieve its vision of building ubiquitous platforms for Enterprise Integration. SeeBeyond's emphasis on an open infrastructure optimized for rapid creation of manageable composite applications is very much in line with Accenture's view on how organizations can best take advantage of Enterprise Integration."

The following core products are now available as a part of the SeeBeyond ICAN Suite 5.0: eGate Integrator 5.0, eInsight Business Process Manager 5.0, eXchange Integrator 5.0, eIndex Global Identifier 5.0, eVision Studio 5.0, eView Studio 5.0, ePortal Composer 5.0, eTL Integrator 5.0 and eInsight Enterprise Service Bus 5.0.

About SeeBeyond

Based on 14 years of software experience in integrating systems across Global 2000 organizations, SeeBeyond provides a comprehensive, standards-compliant network for the rapid assembly and deployment of enterprise-scale end-user applications built on existing systems and infrastructure. Beyond eAI, the SeeBeyond Integrated Composite Application Network (SeeBeyond ICAN) Suite helps organizations improve business operations resulting in reduced costs, increased market share and improved customer service. SeeBeyond has more than 1,850 customers worldwide, including ABB, ABN Amro, BHP Billiton, The Cleveland Clinic, The Dial Corporation, DuPont, Florida Power & Light, Fluor Daniel, Fujitsu, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, Samsung, Sprint, Sutter Health and United Healthcare.

SeeBeyond can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 650/622-2128.
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