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 TOPEKA, Kan., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- More Americans are learning that their need for life insurance doesn't vanish at age 55, 60 or 65.
 Do you have a spouse? Your spouse may need more money if you die first, especially if you have any debts.
 Do your children need financial help? Adult children still can be named beneficiaries of your life insurance policy.
 A new type of life insurance, low-load universal life, is attracting more attention because it has unique features that make it especially attractive to older Americans.
 Older life insurance buyers frequently prefer universal life instead of term life insurance because the costs of term insurance rise dramatically after age 40. Unlike term, universal life policies build cash value, with tax-free interest earnings that add to that cash value.
 In old-fashioned universal life policies, policyholders have little cash value in the early years because most of their premiums initially go to pay high commissions to the life insurance agent. Low-load life insurance builds cash values quickly, since they are designed without these expenses. Instead, low-load policies are sold by insurance advisors who charge a fee for their services.
 "Because of its high first-year cash value, low-load life insurance provides death benefits to family members, but also can meet special needs," said Terry Weiser, second vice president of Life Marketing and Sales for Security Benefit Life Insurance Co. in Topeka. His company has a low-load policy named Security Ultimate Benefit.
 "Low-load cash values often equal the premium by the end of the first year," Weiser added.
 Since unexpected expenses can put dents in budgets, one special need is access to cash value without losing a death benefit. Security Ultimate Benefit meets that need by allowing policyholders to obtain loans with little or no interest charged.
 "The older you are, the more attractive low-load insurance is," said Keith Maurer, president of Fee For Service in Tampa, Fla. Maurer's firm markets only low-load insurance. They refer consumers to a nationwide network of fee-based insurance advisors.
 "The new federal income tax increase just made low-load insurance look even better," Maurer added. "That is because earnings on the cash value accumulate tax deferred."
 Maurer predicted increasing popularity for low-load insurance, especially in an environment of stable or declining interest rates.
 Retirees often face the problem of how to maximize pension benefits. Low-load insurance offers the advantages of lower cost, high immediate cash values and availability of funds in case of an emergency. In addition, most of the income received from a death benefit isn't taxable as income.
 "As the consumers look more at value, the low-load concept will have a grass roots uprising," added Weiser. "We believe seniors want to know what they pay for and pay only for what they need."
 John Hamilton, president of Life Trust Corp. in Twin Falls, Idaho, believes low-load insurance will grow to become one of the most popular forms of life insurance.
 "It's such a great deal for the consumer," Hamilton said.
 For more information about low-load life insurance, call Terry Weiser at 800-888-2461, ext. 3153; Keith Maurer at 800-874-5662 or John Hamilton at 800-733-6034.
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 /CONTACT: Mark Enoch of Security Benefit Life Insurance, 800-888-2461, Ext. 3048/

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