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RICH NEVILLE is the heart-throb of Britain's baddest boy band, 5ive. Despite fan hysteria across the world and a Top 10 hit in the States, he claims his greatest achievement to date was passing his driving test last week!

He broke the fans' hearts last year when he announced his love for fellow pop starlette Billie. Rich said he couldn't keep their love a secret any more. 5ive take to the road next March for their long-awaited, first UK Arena tour, kicking off at Glasgow's SECC.

What's your earliest memory?

When I was two years old, my parents split up. I vividly remember my dad explaining what was happening and I started to cry. He said: "Don't cry Rich - big boys don't cry."

You've got a million pounds to spend on anything you want, what would you buy?

I'd buy a tropical island where I could escape from it all and relax in the sunshine. I can see myself throwing in the towel one day and saying: "Enough is enough. I'm away to have some time to myself now!"

It probably won't ever happen, but it's a nice thought!

Most you've ever spent on one piece of clothing?

I have a Gucci jacket worth pounds 2,000, but my stylist bought it for me. I couldn't bring myself to spend that amount of money on a piece of clothing. I won't buy clothes for ages, then I'll go on a major shopping spree and buy loads of things.

Who's your hero and why?

There are lots of people I admire, but I think I'm still on the look- out for the ideal hero. So all suggestions are welcome!

What's on your CD player at the moment?

The Beatles, Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong. I like the more traditional music. It's ideal to chill out to when you're having a bad day.

What's in your pockets at the moment?

Chewing gum and loads of receipts.

What's the best book you've ever read?

The Fifth Element. I thought the book was far better than the film. In fact, the film actually ruined it for me. My most vivid memory is reading The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole when I was about 13. I just couldn't put it down!

What famous person did you have your first crush on?

Kylie Minogue was wonderful, even when she wore those horrible dungarees in Neighbours. I also had a major crush on Adrian from Rocky! She was smart and loyal and very beautiful.

What ambition do you still have to fulfil?

I used to do a lot of acting and I miss it. I'd love to get back on stage if the right part came along.

What's your favourite film and why?

That's a difficult one. I've got a wide and varied taste. Out of comedy films, it would have to be Ace Ventura. Jim Carey is a comic genius. I thought Rocky was brilliant. I absolutely love Braveheart because it's such an emotional film. Titanic is a favourite of mine, too - it really gets me going!

What's your worst habit?

I'm very impatient. If I decide I want something, I want it now. I hate waiting around! Oh, and I bite my nails, which is a horrible habit.

Your best quality?

I'm very loyal. I also think I'm very caring and loving. You always know where you stand with me. A lot of people are really cynical about romance these days - well I'm gonna fight for it!

Who would you lock up and throw away the key?

No one. I'm getting more tolerant in my old age. I believe that if a person does something bad it doesn't necessarily mean that they were destined to be that way. I would have to consider it very deeply before I locked someone up and threw away the key.

The best holiday you've ever taken?

When I went to Tenerife at 13. I had my first holiday romance there, and it was really special. She was 15, and her name was Wendy. On my last night we walked along a moonlit beach... it was very beautiful. We kept in touch for about four months after that but things fizzled out shortly afterwards.

What makes you cry?

I like a good cry now and again. A few months ago I'd just had an argument with my mum and there were major decisions being made in the group. There I was sitting at home thinking: "I'm only 19... I don't need all these worries." I cried and then everything seemed better.

What makes you laugh?

Really stupid things. I'm always laughing and I've got a really dry sense of humour. The fact that I love Ace Ventura should give you an indication of what makes me laugh!
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