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HE'S one of the Hollyoaks hunks voted the sexiest men on TV... but Ben Hull takes it all in his stride. He plays wheeler-dealer Lewis Richardson who's done plenty to set ratings soaring on the Channel 4 top soap! As Lewis, he's the lovable rogue who caused a stir after hitting on his best friend's wife Ruth Benson. In real-life, Ben says he's much better behaved and lives in Hertfordshire with some of the other members of the Hollyoaks cast.

What's the most you've splashed out on yourself?

I do a lot of motorway driving and wanted to get myself a bigger and safer car. So I treated myself to a BMW on the strength of my year's contract on Hollyoaks. I really love my car, so it was well worth it.

What's the most you have ever spent on another person?

I bought a set of "Stealth-like technology" golf clubs for my dad. The price will probably be my parent's marriage if he continues to play more than once a week!

Who would you most like to be and why?

I'd love to be Robert de Niro for a little while, simply because he's such a superb and fascinating actor. I'd like to know if he still tackles his characters in the same way he did when he was younger.

Who would you least like to be and why?

Father Christmas... because after all that work, people still don't believe in you.

What and where was your most romantic moment?

When I finally kissed my girlfriend. I'd adored her for over a year, so although our first kiss was on the stairs at a party, and doesn't sound too romantic - it really was.

Worst date?

Maybe I'm boring, but really I can't think of one.

Best meal ever?

Christmas dinner, and not just one specific year either. I love it every year, eating gorgeous grub and being surrounded by the people I love most.

Most outrageous thing you have ever done?

I'm not telling anyone. It's just too outrageous to print, and I don't want my mum and dad to read it.

Worst day of your life?

If I have a really bad hangover when I wake up after a good night out on the town, I always think: "This is the worst day of my life."

Best day of your life?

It would have to be signing my first Hollyoaks contract. As soon as I heard about the show - and this was before it was actually aired - I thought it had enormous potential, and I really wanted to be part of it. For all that wishing, hoping and finger-crossing to come true was just such a wonderful feeling.

What's your worst nightmare?

Losing the people I love most.

Your wildest dream?

To be in the Star Wars trilogy. It would be a 20-year dream come true. When I was a little boy I had all the figures and space ships. I feel I've been a fan all my life!

Nastiest thing you have ever done?

When we were kids I told my sister she was adopted. I think she finally forgave me about a week ago.

Nicest thing you have ever done?

Telling my sister she wasn't adopted. No, I'm only joking. Sometimes, I reckon a shoulder to cry on is as nice as any gift.

Thing you couldn't do without and why?

My guitar. I bought myself a nice one, again another treat when I joined Hollyoaks. I can't play very well, but at least I look the business when I'm prancing about in front of the mirror.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 7, 1999
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