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 CANTON, Ohio, Dec. 1 ~PRNewswire~ -- There was just one glitch when two employees of a midwestern bank followed their usual routine of locking the vault, carefully setting the timelock so the door could not be opened until after the weekend.
 They locked a coworker inside.
 A secretary had been getting some files from the back of the 15-by-30-foot vault when the door closed. "I didn't panic. I just used the phone in the vault to call my boss. She told me to stop joking around," said the secretary who describes herself as the "office clown."
 After she finally convinced her boss that she was truly locked in, bank officials reported the incident to the Customer Response Center (CRC) at Diebold, Incorporated in Canton, Ohio.
 "I am very familiar with the kind of vault they have, so I told them how to open the vault ventilator to give her plenty of fresh air and suggested that they pass a set of keys to her through the ventilator," said Patrick G. O'Heren, technical specialist with Diebold.
 "She used the keys to unlock the vault door's rear cover, and I explained how to release the timer mechanism so that bank employees on the outside could open the door," added O'Heren.
 The whole process took about 45 minutes. "I was impressed by Pat's attitude," said one of the bank's vice presidents. "I couldn't imagine a person hundreds of miles away being so concerned about a stranger. He stayed on the phone with us the entire time, reassuring our employee and telling us how to get her out."
 The bank has since changed its vault-closing procedures to avoid another lock-in.
 Diebold service customers may dial 1-800-DIEBOLD to reach the CRC, which receives an average of 10,000 calls a month. Diebold services not only its own security and banking equipment, but also that of major competitors. The company has more than 2,300 service professionals in 400 locations nationwide. Together, they service more than 50,000 customer locations across the country.
 Diebold, Incorporated, headquartered in Canton, Ohio, is a world leader in financial self-service transactions, security products and customer service. Founded in 1859 as a security equipment company, Diebold today develops, manufactures, sells and services ATMs, electronic and physical security systems, facility products and software for global financial and commercial markets.
 "We receive five to eight calls a year related to someone being locked in a vault," said Frank G. D'Angelo, vice president of customer service~systems operations and support for Diebold, Incorporated.
 "Our Customer Response Center receives technical assistance from security experts in our Field and Customer Assistance Center. They know our products and our competitors' products well, so we are in a good position to help get the person out," he added. "Most of the more modern vaults have safety devices like telephones and air vents, but some of the older ones are airtight, making it essential to free the person quickly."
 Interestingly, most of the calls occur on Fridays when employees are concentrating on setting the timelocks that keep the vault doors locked until Monday morning -- and they may be in a hurry to finish the job. Some even forget a fast, yet simple, way to alert someone in the vault that it is about to be locked: Flash the lights off and on.
 Although no one anticipates getting locked in a vault -- or locking someone else in -- accidents do happen. To make each vault as safe as possible in case someone would get locked in, Diebold recommends that each bank review this checklist:
 -- Verify that your vault can be ventilated with fresh air and
 has a lighted ceiling panel with a switch near the door.
 -- Install a phone extension inside the vault.
 -- If keys are needed to release the timelock or open any gate
 that may be between the vault and the door, put a spare set of
 keys inside the vault.
 -- Provide an emergency kit inside the vault that includes a
 rechargeable flashlight and basic tools like a screwdriver and
 pliers which may be needed to access the timelock.
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 ~CONTACT: Mary Ann Jackson of Diebold, 216-588-3780~

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