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1 findr from 1 science officially launched (1 findr.1 While 1 findr is touted as the "world's largest curated collection of peer-reviewed articles," it is starting with just less than 90 million articles. Of those, 27 million are listed as open access. 1 findr's goal is to include all peer-reviewed journal articles in all fields of research, all languages, and from all countries. Available in both a free and an institutional edition, the institutional edition adds search features such as advanced search, downloading up to 50 articles at a time, integration with a link resolver, and searching for reviews. The free version includes search limits for year, open access/paid, broad subjects, and authors. Sorting defaults to a relevance algorithm, but a date sort is available on the left of the results. Download options include citations in 10 styles and the ability to export to six formats, including RIS and BibTeX.

Bing continues to expand its Multiple Perspectives Answers and Intelligent Answers. Now available in the U.K. as well as the U.S., the answers are now showing up to five different sources for some quick answers. The increased number of sources will sometimes result in a message of "Supported by X sources" when the same answer is found on multiple sites. Not all Instant Answers include a source or multiple perspectives, but a growing number now show both. For unusual or complex words, Bing may now show a definition when you hover over the word in the instant answer.

Bing Image Search is similarly expanding its Intelligent Image Search that lets searchers select an object within a portion of another image to initiate a search. Bing is expanding the functionality to include "all common fashion categories," which highlights the primary purpose of aiding shopping searchers.

Digg Reader, one of the Google Reader replacements when it shut down in July 2013, has now also been shut down. With another CSS feed reader being shut down, those who still wish to use a CSS reader for keeping current and for building a searchable list of feeds, Feedly is still available; however, it only has the past 30 days for each feed, at least in the free version.

Etymo ( is a new, subject-specific search engine focusing on research related to machine learning. Using data summarization and visualization, Etymo lists search results on the left and a visualization on the right. Results can be limited by the broader subjects of computer vision, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and convolutional neural networks. Clicking the tide of a result shows that paper in the visualization. To see the full text, click the Read button. The Collections menu at the top lets searchers specify a subset of results based on publisher.

Facebook is adding more background information about articles and publishers that appear in a newsfeed or search result. Facebook now shows all U.S. users a small information button (on the bottom right of the image) that will display the Wikipedia entry for a particular publisher, related articles about a topic, more articles from a publisher, and a list of friends who've shared a particular piece.

Gigablast has added a country and language limit at the top of search results. A separate language limit remains (and includes an option to just "prefer" a language). The country limit will give multiple country/language pair options for multilingual countries such as Canada, Switzerland, and India but not necessarily all official country languages. It has also added a news database with search and browse options. The browse section includes Breaking News stories that are less than an hour old and Top Stories from the past several hours. An Image search has been added as well that displays a textual description of the site hosting each image.

Google is acquiring Tenor, an animated GIF search engine and GIF keyboard app maker. will continue as a separate search engine. Google has posted a detailed description of how autocomplete works ( ucts/search/how-google-autocomplete-works-search) along with details of what predictions are removed. Google is expanding reasons to remove the predictions to include hate and violence and is letting searchers use the Report Inappropriate Predictions link (very small text just below the bottom right of the autosuggestions box) to report the reason a suggestion should be removed.

Google Patents has added links to Darts-ip's global patent case law data to some patent records. This will show up on the right side under the patent application information as "Litigation (from darts-ip) View patent family cases." The link connects a searcher to a Darts-ip login page, and an account is required to view the related cases. A free trial account is available, subject to approval. The Darts-ip cases include complaints, hearings, decisions, settlements, and case summaries from global jurisdictions.

Klout, the social influence platform known for giving individuals scores for their social media activity, closed down on May 25. Founded in 2008, Klout let social media users link their social media accounts and then get a Klout score based on followers and influence.

Quora continues to expand internationally with new language versions. In addition to the Japanese, French, German, and Italian versions launched in 2017, Quora is now adding beta versions of Hindi, Portuguese, and Indonesian. In addition, Quora is testing letting answers be translated between English and Spanish. It has introduced Links, a feature for sourcing links from "reputable" news outlets and making them available on Quora for users to add questions and answers about the stories.

ScienceDirect has introduced a new Advanced Search page ( It includes fields for author, source, year, volume, DOI, and pages; support for Boolean operators and nested clauses; and filtering for publication types including review articles. Those with a subscription to ScienceDirect have access to more filters and the ability to download multiple articles at once.

The SEC Action Lookup--Individuals (SALI) is a new search engine from the Securities and Exchange Commission that enables investors to research whether the person trying to sell them investments has a judgment or order entered against them in an enforcement action ( SALI records include registered and unregistered individuals who have been parties to past SEC enforcement actions and against whom federal courts have entered judgments or the SEC has issued orders. Searches require last names, and records go back only to Oct. 1, 2014.

Greg R. Notess (greg@notess.conv is faculty and graduate services librarian at Montana State University and founder of SearchEngine

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