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SEAGATE AND ONTRACK COMPUTER SYSTEMS OFFER DISC DRIVE USERS FREE SOFTWARE UPDATE; New Disk Manager software program will be available on the Internet, CompuServe and BBS.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 9, 1996--Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG) and Ontrack Computer Systems are jointly offering a complimentary upgrade for users of Seagate Fast ATA and Fast ATA-2 disc drives with greater than 528 Mbytes capacity to the latest version of Ontrack's Disc Manager Software from January 22 through February 29, 1996. Available by downloading from a host of electronic resources including the Internet, the software upgrade will benefit users of Seagate Fast ATA/Fast ATA-2 disc drives whose older computer system bios are unable to recognize disc drive partitions beyond the 528 Mbyte barrier.

Disk Manager software overcomes a limitation in older desktop computers restricting hard disc volume sizes greater than 528 Mbytes. Disk Manager formats Seagate ATA (IDE) drives and installs a driver allowing a hard disc volume as large as two gigabytes to mount on older systems with the 528 Mbyte limitation. Disk Manager also can create up to 24 partitions on a single drive. The product is compatible with DOS, Windows 3.1 and 3.11, Windows `95, Windows NT, and OS/2 Warp.

Seagate Product Marketing Manager Kevin Perry noted that Disk Manager is a major upgrade of similar software the company has been bundling with large capacity drives during the last year. "In late 1994 we began including software with ATA drives larger than 528 Mbytes," Perry said. "This allowed customers upgrading systems which couldn't support volumes greater than 528 Mbytes to utilize the full capacity of their drive in a single volume. The new release of Disk Manager is intended for those customers, broadening compatibility and adding features like enhanced partitioning capabilities. Disk Manager will also be bundled with new Seagate ATA drives manufactured for the distribution and retail channels."

"The opportunity for us to form a relationship like this with Seagate is an extremely exciting one for Ontrack," said John Pence, president of Ontrack Computer Systems. "We're confident Seagate and its disc drive users will quickly discover that Ontrack's Disk Manager software is an effective and versatile tool. We're also confident that this free upgrade period will make it easy and convenient for Seagate customers to upgrade their present systems. We hope this will be the first important step in what should be a long and rewarding union between our two companies."

Seagate customers using SCSI drives or Seagate ATA drives with capacities of less than 528 Mbytes do not need Disk Manager software. Also, users with newer computer systems that have BIOS supporting large capacity drives will not need Disk Manager.

From January 22 to February 29, the software can be downloaded from Seagate's Home Page on the World Wide Web ( from Seagate's CompuServe Forum (GO SEAGATE), from Seagate's SeaBoard BBS, from Ontrack Computer System's Internet Home Page (, from Ontrack's CompuServe forum (GO ONTRACK) and from Ontrack's BBS in Minneapolis: (612) 937-0860.

Ontrack Computer Systems, Inc. develops hard disc installation and utility software for more effective system management and maintenance in the DOS, Novell, Macintosh, and Unix environments. Ontrack Data Recovery, Inc. specializes in recovering data from virtually any operating environment in any type of data storage device. Corporate headquarters for both Ontrack companies are located at 6321 Bury Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55346 (800-752-1333)

Seagate Technology Inc. is a data technology company that provides products for storing, managing and accessing digital information on the world's computer and data communications systems. Seagate, at more than $5.0 billion in revenue for its last 12 months ended September 29, 1995, is the largest independent disc dive and components company in the world. Seagate's home page address on the World Wide Web is

CONTACT: Seagate Technology, Inc., Scotts Valley

Woody Monroy, 408-439-2838

Judy Plummer, 408-439-2862
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 9, 1996
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