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SDDC units to compete Army-wide for supremacy in supply.

In the upcoming Chief of Staff Army's Supply Excellence Awards competition, Soldiers from the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command will have the opportunity to prove the SDDC reputation as surface transportation experts.

SDDC has selected the 598th Transportation Brigade and the 836th Transportation Battalion to compete in the fiscal year 2011 Supply Excellence Award competition.

Earlier this year, SDDC's G1/4 staff sent a list of requirements to each of the command's brigades asking that they evaluate their units and issue recommendations as to which unit should be asked to compete. Once the recommendations had been returned, G1/4 personnel went out and conducted on-site evaluations to choose which battalion and brigade would represent SDDC at the Army level in the CSA, SEA competition.

"It gets them great exposure, and shows that they're following the regulations and doing things right," said Bernard Walls, SDDC Logistics Division chief. "That's the most important thing."

Walls also said that just in the few days since the announcement, he has already received requests to include units that initially declined to be evaluated. This increase in interest shows that more units are thinking about what they can do to improve themselves.

The 598th and 836th will go on to compete Army-wide at the Table Distribution Allowance Property Book and Unit levels, respectively, where they will undergo a similar evaluation by Army experts. The inspection dates have not been announced yet, but are due to take place all around the world during FY11.

The competition began in FY1986, but was inspired during the Total Army Worldwide Supply Conference held in Nov. 1984. Some of the stated objectives of the CSA, SEA program include enhancing the readiness of all Army units, providing a structure for recognition of group and individual soldiers, perpetuating group competition, and increasing public awareness of supply excellence in the U.S. Army.

"We've had a big push on property accountability recently, and we're trying to get supply back on the map," said Walls. "With everything else going on in the Army, supply does not always get the exposure it deserves."

The contest is judged based on the on-site evaluations of each unit anal organization by the U.S. Army Quartermaster School. Units are evaluated on several criteria, with up to 10% of the total score reserved for areas of special emphasis by the Army G4 and/or the Quartermaster General.

These evaluations follow the same criteria used by SDDC's G1/4 in selecting a battalion and brigade to compete, with an eye toward improving every unit that competes rather than simply judging who is the best.

"We don't go out there to fail anyone. There are no losers in this, it gives everyone a chance to get focused and do things right," said Walls.

Walls said that SDDC is eagerly awaiting the results not only in the hope that our Soldiers will do well in the competition; but in the hope that the evaluations will give SDDC a better understanding of what can be done to make our units even better.

"It gives headquarters exposure as to what we should be doing," said Walls. "It's not about competing, it's about improving."

By Erik Johnson

SDDC Command Affairs

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Date:Sep 22, 2010
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