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SDDC says bon voyage to transportation specialist after 59 years of federal service.

This November it'll be bon voyage for Mr. Art Carpenter, 599th Transportation Group Ocean Cargo Clearance Authority--Pacific chief, Yokohama North Dock, Japan; as he retires after 59 years of combined federal service.

Since 1944 Carpenter served the sealift community in an array of positions. His first duty was as a member of the U.S. Maritime Service. He concludes his career managing surface shipments from the American Samoa to Africa for the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.

According to Mr. Carlos Tibbetts, 836th Transportation Battalion supervisory transportation specialist, Carpenter is a technical expert in the transportation field. "He deserves a special place in the Transportation Corps. Not too many of us last this long and I'm 58, so Art's been an employee longer than I've existed."

Carpenter traveled around the globe, serving the Military Sea Transportation Service all along the way. After several assignments with the service he joined SDDC in October 1982.

"Art is a legend in the Pacific," said Col. Tom Harvey, commander of the 599th Transportation Group

"For more years than anyone can remember, he has been the focal point and institutional knowledge on vessel operations," said Harvey.

Carpenter said his continuous service with the government was fueled by a devotion to work for one company. "You find good company and stay with it," he said.

The transportation veteran has aided in humanitarian efforts during the resettling of refugees in 1975 at Indochina and received superior performance awards for support during the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Thailand in 1976. Yet, Carpenter said the best moment after 59 years of service is piloting costal shipping.

Aside from work, Ms. Phyllis Sherwood, a traffic management specialist under Carpenter, said he loves the finer things in life.

"People should know he is a very pleasant individual," said his colleague of two years. "He loves food and drink, crossword puzzles and communicating with old friends. He makes people feel welcome in OCCA."

Harvey added, "Art has taken many young officers, NCOs, and civilians and taught them the basics of traffic management. In fact, he could have written the book on moving cargo in Japan and the Pacific. His contributions will continue far beyond his retirement."

59 years of transportation service

December 1944 to Mark 1945: U.S. Maritime Service Training School, Avalon

April 1945 to February 1950: U.S. Army Transportation Service (Afloat)

March 1950 to March 1951: Military Sea Transportation Service, North Pacific Area Function Transfer (Afloat)

March 1951 to June 1951: California Shipping Company (Afloat)

June 1951 to June 1953: U.S. Army (Military Service Korea)

July 1953 to September 1963: Military Sea Transportation Service, Western Pacific Area and Military Sealift Command Far East (Afloat)

October 1963 to September 1982: Military Sealift Command Far East, Ashore Port Captain

October 1982 to present: Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, 599th Transportation Group

Robyn Mack, Command Affairs Officer

599th Transportation Group
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Title Annotation:Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
Author:Mack, Robyn
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Date:Sep 22, 2004
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