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COVENTRY City fans give their opinions on Elliott Ward's determination to fight a first-team spot with the Sky Blues...

Dude: I've a lot of time for Elliott and hope he stays.

LeamingtonBootBoy: Looked very good when he had a solid 'play-it-safe'

centre-back like Dann next to him. If Wardy is our main centre-back this season, I think we will find our defence much less reliable. Adds something to the team, but not necessarily stability.

Torchomatic: Yeah, I like Wardy. I hope he stays.

Skybluefred: I love Coleman's methods for enthusing his players and boosting them for the new season. Quote: "If an offer comes in for you your gone." It will certainly boost Ward's ego.

RFC: I expect one of those to go, will be Ward. I'd prefer it to be him than some of our other high-profile prospects but who knows ?

PearlJammer: People may sing Ward's praises and campaign for the club to keep him on, but in fairness, Ward needs to shoulder a lot of responsibility. The guy has talent, no doubt. But the errors he makes are stupid ones. If he had ironed them out over the past couple of years, he would have been the first name on the teamsheet every week. If he finds his position at the club to be vulnerable, then it is really his own fault for not shaping up. We can often blame coaches for this, but I think we all know that many of Ward's flaws are 'ego-driven'. With all that said, it is again nice to hear that a player actually wants to stay on the books (like Doyle). Maybe guys like Ward have reached that age now where they realise it is time to mature, or look back with regret. I certainly think the defence would be significantly weaker without him.

Dude: You see 'ego-driven'; I see confidence in his own ability.

Lordsummerisle: Didn't rate Ward when he was first here, far too casual and guilty of switching off at critical moments, though most people were raving about him. However, when he started playing alongside Dann there was a marked improvement in his play, seemed more focused and committed, and he was using his undoubted talent correctly. My worry with the Dann transfer wasn't that we were losing one very good defender, but two, and pretty much share the view of LBB on this one.

Dude: Very much agree with your observation, but I have a different slant on the conclusion. Ward was better with Dann alongside him; Dann was better with Ward along him. A centre-back role is a team responsibility. Often I hear fans rave about the performance of one when they possibly ignore that his partner had made that possible. The complete performance of central defence is dictated by the understanding the two have with each other. Therefore, one weak link can make his partner look just as dismal.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Aug 6, 2009
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