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SCOTS FIND A DINOSESAUR; Long-snouted Pinocchio rex was faster and stealthier than T. rex, say team who unearthed specimen.


SCIENTISTS from Scotland have helped to identify a new species of dinosaur dubbed Pinocchio rex.

The long-nosed tyrannosaur's bones were discovered by workmen on a construction site in China.

Edinburgh University experts joined a team from the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences in examining the remains.

They believe the animal, which walked the Earth more than 66million years ago, was a fearsome carnivore.

With an elongated skull and long, narrow teeth, the newly identified predator would have looked very different from a T. rex, which had thick teeth and more powerful jaws.

Dr Steve Brusatte, of Edinburgh University's School of GeoSciences, said: "This is a different breed of tyrannosaur. It has the familiar toothy grin of T. rex but its snout was much longer and it had a row of horns on its nose.

"It might have looked a little comical but it would have been as deadly as any other tyrannosaur, and maybe even a little faster and stealthier."

He said the discovery near the city of Ganzhou was a "one in a million find", adding: "It is an awesome specimen, almost a complete skeleton."

Palaeontologists had been uncertain about the existence of long-snouted tyrannosaurs until the "remarkably well-preserved" remains of the dinosaur - whose scientific name is Qianzhousaurus sinensis - were unearthed.

It is thought it lived alongside other tyrannosaurs but would not have been in direct competition with them, since they probably hunted different prey. Professor Junchang Lu, of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, said: "Although we're only starting to learn about them, the long-snouted tyrannosaurs were apparently one of the main groups of predatory dinosaurs in Asia."

It might have looked a little comical but it would have been deadly DR STEVE BRUSATTE


STUDY Lu and Brusatte

LONG TIME COMING The 66million-year-old skull shows the tyrannosaur's elongated nose

JAWSOME PREDATOR Pinocchio rex was smaller than T. rex but had a much longer nose

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 8, 2014
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