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Nobody pushes Joan Collins around - not even if they're one of the biggest publishing corporations in the world.

Yesterday, Joanie went from being a little old lady, bent and wearied by the cares of a courtroom battle, to supersmooth superstar.

And all thanks to a four million dollar cash injection.

They said she was greedy, scheming and duplicitous and that her writing was trash.

But that's not what the jury thought and Joan gets to keep her pounds 800,000 advance - and all the other cash that's coming to her.

Bob Shields and Joan Burnie sum up a saga that's worthy of Hollywood itself on Pages 12 and 13.

After Scotland's wedding of the year, what about the pictures that might not make the McIlwraith sisters' albums?

The Wedited Version is on Pages 14 and 15.

The Record's the paper for Scottish winners ... this year alone we've handed out three prizes of pounds 50,000 in our scratchcard games.

You too could be in the money. Play Match the Cash on Page 46.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 15, 1996
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