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SCOTLAND'S WAY SPY NETWORK; We pinpoint pounds 264k cameras that can read your number.

Byline: Keith McLeod

spsst ROADS chiefs in Scotland have so far spent pounds 264,000 of public money on a spy camera system that can read your number plate.

tn And the Record can now reveal the exact locations of the 26 cameras capable of keeping track of cars.

re rof oof o CRIMINALS The money spent on ANPR could have fixed 2000 potholes on our cashstrapped RSSs There are 16 Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras on the M8, six on the M77 between Glasgow and Ayrshire and four more on the A726 Glasgow south orbital road. Use our table to find where they are.

Nca cth tan aon oor oto tA2 2 st sSp Sse s trunk road system. Spending on the network is set to soar as it's extended.

ANPR cameras are normally used by police to track down criminals. And civil liberties watchdogs and drivers' groups are concerned about Transport Scotland's decision to put them on our roads.

ntr tci caco cSth t When we revealed the existence of the cameras this week, civil rights group Liberty told us: "ANPR should not be used as a tool of mass surveillance."

ex eth tLsh sof o And Neil Greig, of the Institute of Advanced In I Motorists, said: "If drivers are tracked unwittingly, there are civil liberties issues, plus the cost of it."

But Transport Scotland insist there is nothing sinister about their move.

They say the aim is to collect information on how long drivers are taking to cover stretches of road - then pass it back to motorists to help them plan their journeys.

Only the M8 has signs giving journey times for stretches of the motorway.

But roads bosses plan to put journey time information on their "variable message signs", currently used to warn of delays or for messages such as "fasten seatbelts" . A Transport Scotland spokesman promised they would not give ANPR data to police. He added: "All information on ANPR is only used for journey time calculation. It is held for a short time, then deleted.

"Drivers have requested more up-to-the-minute information to allow them to plan their journeys.

"We wish to expand this approach to include key trunk roads in and around Glasgow."

ANPR CAMERA LOCATIONS M8: 16 ANPR cameras at five locations: Hermiston Gait, Edinburgh; Uphall Station; East Whitburn; Bogfoot Bridge near Salsburgh, North Lanarkshire; and Baillieston Interchange, Glasgow M77: Six ANPR cameras at three locations: Maidenhill; Kingswell; and Meiklewood A726: Four ANPR cameras at two locations: Maidenhill; and Philipshill, East Kilbride


TRACKERS Z Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Aug 27, 2011
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