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PR Newswire, London, July 10. This press release is transmitted on behalf of Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.

New Compact amplifier changes the economics of system upgrades enabling European cable operators to make more bandwidth available for interactive TV services

Sonderborg, Denmark -

Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. (NYSE: SFA) today announced the launch of a new Compact Dual C amplifier that will allow European cable operators to rebuild their cable systems in a very economical way and allow them to get the most bandwidth out of existing networks. The new Compact Dual C amplifier, model 93223-x37, has been developed to enable cable operators in Central Europe to easily upgrade existing cable networks to speed up the launch of interactive TV services through their broadband networks. The Dual C amplifier is expected to be available later this summer.

"As an alternative to the traditional way of building networks prevailing in Central European countries, our new Dual C amplifier will be of special interest to cable operators involved in network upgrades from 450 MHz to 862 MHz," said Paul Coxon, managing director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Scientific-Atlanta. "Our Dual C amplifier makes it possible to re-use existing networks to a very high degree as there is no need to replace existing taps and splitters."

In networks where all splitters (5-450 MHz) are placed in the ground, it becomes expensive to dig up and replace them. In order to re-use 450 MHz splitters in 862 MHz networks it is necessary to use amplifiers, like the Compact Dual C amplifier, that offers a special output tilt for frequencies above 450 MHz in order to compensate for higher losses of older taps and splitters. This makes it possible to maintain existing taps and splitters while enhancing overall network reliability and performance.

The new 37 dB Dual C amplifier offers:
 * 2 x 2 High-level Outputs -- The 2 x 2 high-level outputs reduce the
 need for external splitters after the amplifier, which means cost
 savings through greater reach with fewer actives.

 * Transmission Network Control System (TNCS) -- Today's complex
 multimedia applications require high levels of system reliability and
 availability. Scientific-Atlanta's TNCS enables monitoring of key
 parameters -- temperature, signal, and DC supply voltage. By inserting
 a Compact transponder from Scientific-Atlanta into the amplifier, TNCS
 can execute efficient status monitoring that enables the operator to
 detect failures before they become visible to the subscribers.

 * Easy to Install and Operate -- The Dual C amplifier is much easier to
 install than by using the typical mounting techniques. As with all
 Scientific-Atlanta(R) amplifiers within the Compact platform, the Dual
 C amplifier is designed for easy operation and maintenance

 * TS 0253/96 Part 1 Standard -- The Dual C amplifier complies with the
 German standard "TS 0253/96 Teil 1".

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