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SCHEV Reports of Institutional Effectiveness: VCCS College Performance Measures.

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This document provides college level performance data for the SCHEV system-wide and institution-specific measures submitted to SCHEV in May 2002. The data concerns community colleges that are a part of the VCCS (Virginia Community College System). The data is divided into ten systems: (1) advancement rate system; (2) transfer rate system; (3) class size system; (4) full time faculty instruction system; (5) graduation rate system; (6) facilities utilization system; (7) E&G spending for instruction system; (8) management standards system; (9) unrestricted E&G spending for debt service system; and (10) faculty productivity system. Internet links are provided for most of the systems listed that provide more information on the data. The data is also divided into four institutions: (1) degree efficiency; (2) transfer performance; (3) workforce training; and (4) technical graduate outcomes. A summary table providing college specific information for each ROIE (Reports of Institutional Effectiveness) measure follows the SCHEV report. The last section provides some notes on the data sources and additional definition details for the measures. The report also includes links on the World Wide Web that provide the SCHEV report, measure definitions, and notes on data sources. (MZ)

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Author:McHewitt, Earl R.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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