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SCCY handguns: an overview of the SCCY CPX1 and CPX2.

The SCCY CPX1 and CPX2 are the same handgun except the CPX1 has a safety on it. Both are double action only. From all the reviews I have read on these guns and from working on them, they are very well made and well worth the price. I have tried out both versions and could not get them to jam on ammo, even while shooting some lousy stuff, just to get rid of it. These pistols also come with a custom trigger lock that fits this gun only.

For field stripping, don safety glasses and check to make sure it is unloaded. Put the safety on (Model CPX1), rack the slide back and lock it back. Drop out the magazine. Make sure there are no rounds left in the chamber. Using a flat-tipped screwdriver, gently pry out the disassembly pin located on the left in front of the slide lock. Pull back on the slide and the slide lock will drop, allowing the slide to come off the frame to the front. The recoil spring assembly is removed by pulling back on the section against the barrel. This releases the barrel. This is all the disassembly needed for cleaning.



We'll begin with the slide for detailed disassembly. Using a roll pin punch, drive the roll pin down from the top until the extractor is released. The extractor and the spring can then be removed. Holding the slide with the extractor slot down, push in on the firing pin. You might have to shake the slide to get the firing pin retainer to drop out. With this out, the firing pin and firing pin spring will come out the back of the slide. The front sight is staked in place and the rear sight is held in place with a 1/16" hex screw. Only if it's necessary to remove, mark the location first. I use a piece of tape in the dovetail on one side.

Before taking the frame apart, I made a simple to tool. Using a piece of 3/8" x 1/8" flat stock approximately 8" long, bend one end 1/2" back into a 90 degree angle and the cut a 1/16" wide slot lengthwise. This will allow removal of the end cap. Using the tool, slip it into the magazine well and the hammer spring will go into the slot. Pull the cap up and off the frame, thus releasing the hammer spring tension. Drive the two frame pins out to the left. This will release the trigger group or what SCCY calls the receiver. Remove the magazine release spring by running a small flat tip screwdriver down the right side of the spring. Pry the spring sideways then towards the rear to release. Lift it up out of the frame. The magazine release button then pushes out to the right.


On to the SCCY receiver. On the CPX1, remove the screw on the left safety lever and gently pry the lever off. There is a brass plunger and spring under the safety lever. Make sure to catch this. Push down on the trigger bar and remove the rest of the safety lever out to the right side. The hammer axis pin is hollow for the safety plunger and spring. Push the roll pin holding the hammer spring to the end cap out enough to release the hammer spring. Remove the end cap off the spring. Push down the trigger bar to gain access to the hammer axis pin and push out with a small punch. This is a slip fit pin. The hammer and spring will now come out through the top of the receiver. Remove the slide hold lever by lifting off the trigger cam.


The slide spring is removed by using a pair of needle nose pliers and squeezing the legs together and pulling it rearward. Lift the trigger bar out from the opposite end of the trigger, unhook from the trigger spring, and lift off of the trigger cam. Drive the trigger cam out to the right. The trigger spring is held in place by a very small pin that will fall out once the cam is removed. The ejector is held in place by another roll pin. Unless you have to replace it, leave this alone.


For the magazine, push in on the button on the bottom and slide the magazine pad off. The spring and follower with come out the bottom.

For reassembly, start with the slide. When replacing the firing pin, place the slide with the extractor slot up. Insert the firing pin with the cut out section up along with the spring. Drop the fining pin retainer in the hole. Push the firing pin into place and the retainer will drop down and hold it in place.

On to the frame. When putting the magazine release back in, make sure the tail of the long leg of the spring goes into the hole of the magazine release. Use a screwdriver tip to push the short hook under the frame slot.

For the SCCY receiver, hold the trigger cam with the leg at 2 o'clock, insert the trigger spring and let the leg hang down. Put in the pin, rotate the leg counter clockwise, and hook on the tab for the trigger bar. Assemble the trigger in the pulled position and insert the cam so it lines up with the front of the cut out. The cam is square so it will line itself up going in. Make sure to drive the cam all the way down or it will hang on the inside of the frame. Put the receiver back into the frame and use the tool to hook the end cap in place before inserting the frame pins.

1    Extractor Pin
2    Extractor
3    Extractor Spring
4    Firing Pin Retainer
5    Slide
6    Firing Pin and Spring
7    Hammerand Spring
8    Hammer Axis Pin
9/10 Frame Pins
11   Frame
12    Barrel
13    Trigger Bar
14    Trigger Spring
15    Recoil Spring Sub Assembly
16    Trigger Spring Pin
17    TriggerCam
18    Receiver
19    Slide Hold
20    Magazine
21    Slide Hold Spring
22    Trigger
23    End Cap and Pin
24    Disassembly Pin
25    Magazine Release Spring
26    Magazine Release
      CPX1 Safety Group
27    Safety Fever Screw
28    Left Safety Lever
29    Right Safety Lever
30    Safety Lever Plunger and Spring
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Author:Manney, David W.
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Date:Dec 1, 2016
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