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SBC could challenge PVC in stretch film for food. (Keeping up with Materials).

Multi-layer films containing high-styrene butadiene block copolymers (HSBCs) reportedly have proven successful in Europe and Asia in replacing monolayer flexible PVC films in breathable food wrap. Now HSBC manufacturer Kraton Polymers in Houston is promoting the concept to U.S. processors.

The company says its Kraton G1657 is suitable for stretch wrap for protecting meat and other foods when blended at 10% to 30% with soft polypropylene in the structural core of a three-layer film with two EVA heat-sealable skins. HSBCs reportedly contribute high elasticity, puncture resistance, oxygen permeation (breathability), moisture barrier, and cling properties to produce wraps and bags. The films also have high clarity and a smooth, shiny surface. Kraton sources say 11-micron versions of the three-layer structure would replace 14-micron PVC, which also has about 30% higher density than the Kraton-based film. Tel: (800) 457-2866,
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Title Annotation:Kraton Polymers, Kraton G1657; styrene copolymers, polyvinyl chloride
Comment:SBC could challenge PVC in stretch film for food. (Keeping up with Materials).(Kraton Polymers, Kraton G1657; styrene copolymers, polyvinyl chloride)
Publication:Plastics Technology
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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