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SAUDI ARABIA - The Board Of Saudi Aramco.

This company's board of directors has 12 members. On Oct. 30, 2001, King Fahd issued a Royal Order changing four of the members, with the board's three-year tenure effective from Nov. 30. The previous board change was made in late Feb. 1996. The board is a follows:
1. Minister Naimi (see his profile in OMT), as chairman. The board's meeting
can be held at the chairman's request, when necessary, or upon the
recommendation of more than half of the board's members.
2. Dr. Abdel Rahman Bin Abdel Aziz Al Tuweijri, close to Prince Abdullah and
secretary general of the Supreme Economic Council. Until 1999 he was an
executive director in the IMF. He was appointed as board member on Oct. 30 to
succeed Commerce Minister Osama Al Faqih who became a board member in late Feb.
3. Finance & Economy Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al Assaf (retained since 1996).
4. State Minister and Saudi Ports Authority Chairman Dr. Abdel Aziz Bin
Ibrahim Al Manie', new replacing State Minister Musaed Al Ayban who became
member in Feb. 1996.
5. Dr. Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al Suwayel, vice president of the King Abdel Aziz
City for Science & Technology, new replacing Abdel Aziz Al Dukhayil who is
rector of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
6. Abdullah Jum'ah, president of Saudi Aramco, retained since Aug. 1995.
7. Sadad Bin Ibrahim Al Husseini, exec. vice president (EVP), retained since
Feb. 1996.
8. Abdel Aziz Al Hokail, EVP for manufacturing, retained since Feb. 1996.
9. Abdullah Bin Saif Al Saif, SVP for E&P, retained 1989.
10. Victor Beghini, former CEO of Marathon which is a 20% partner in the
ExxonMobil-led Core Project 2 for the Red Sea, new replacing Harold Haynes who
is vice chairman of Bechtel Enterprises and former chairman of Chevron. Haynes
had been a member since 1989.
11. James Kinnear a former CEO of Texaco, retained since Feb. 1996. Before
Kinnear the member used to be Clinton Garvin, former chairman of Exxon who had
been on the board since 1989.
12 Rodney Wagner, of Morgan Guaranty, retained since 1989.

Attached to the board of director are executive commissions. These are formed on ad hoc basis, especially when the board needs additional studies concerning major projects or a big overseas acquisition. Such a committee is formed also to study major problems or disputes.

Saudi Aramco now is structured into four divisions, reduced from seven in 1993 and from five in late 1998. These are known as "business centres" (see details in 1999 survey of Saudi Arabia in Vol. 53).
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Publication:APS Review Gas Market Trends
Date:Nov 12, 2001
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