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SAUDI ARABIA - Profile - Abdel Aziz Mohammed Al Hokail.

A Saudi Aramco board member since March 1989 and currently EVP, Hokail was in charge of Saudi Aramco's restructuring in mid-1993. He supervised the absorption of Samarec. Hokail was in August 1993 confirmed as head of this division. From late November 1992, when Saudi Aramco was streamlined from seven divisions, until August 1993 he headed the Industrial Relations & Affairs division, which became part of Manufacturing.

Until Nov. 1992, Hokail was a First VP and headed the division of Production, Importation and Transport which included manufacturing, gas processing, industrial relations and other functions. Now Manufacturing is structured into: (1) Manufacturing, Supply & Transport; (2) Oil Refining & Distribution, headed by Ali Saleh; (3) Riyadh & Jeddah Refining Operations; and (4) Yanbu' Refining Operations. The heads of these departments report directly to Hokail.

Hokail was born in Al Majma' on Dec. 16, 1942. He studied at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran. He joined Aramco in the 1960s. Later he pursued oil engineering studies in the US. He has a B.Sc. degree in petroleum engineering, with extensive training in upstream operations, downstream and other industrial operations. In 1974-78 he was a manager in the oil production division. He became a first vice president in 1980 and head of Aramco's corporate planning. He has since built up his reputation as one of the most efficient executives in this company. Now he is also a board member of the Organisation of Technical and Vocational Training, and a member of the Saudi Society of Petroleum Engineers.
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