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SPL Live

Setanta Sports 1, 7.00pm

THERE'S SPL excitement tonight as Rangers travel to Love Street to take on St Mirren for a much rearranged fixture, their penultimate league match of a long and bizarre campaign.

This match was originally scheduled to be played last November, but was shifted for the Scotland game against Italy, and has been also postponed for bad weather when they tried to play it during the winter months.

And now with the league almost over, the Gers finally get to make it to Paisley, ahead of Thursday night's exciting league conclusion.

Snakes on a Plane

Sky Action Thriller, 10.55pm

A CULT classic from the moment it was released, Samuel L. Jackson's mental comedy thriller sees the grizzled FBI agent escorting a mob witness from Hawaii back to mainland USA so he can testify.

But the mob, deciding bullets and bombs are so passe, decide to off the squealer by filling his plane full of crazed and bloodthirsty snakes.

They pick off the passengers and the pilots in a hilarious rampage, leaving just Sam to fight his way through the critters to save the plane.

Employee of the Month

Sky Premiere, 8.00pm

DAFT but fun comedy here, as Jessica Simpson plays to her strengths (and I ain't talking about emotional range or vocabulary) as a hot office worker who arrives to work at a big store.

The lads (Dane Cook and Dax Shephard) are entranced by her intellect and depth, and set out to try and score.

But when they find out that she only ever dates the employee of the month winner, the race is on to be the top worker in the company.


E4, 8.00pm

LAUGHS galore tonight as Chandler and Joey lose all their furniture, Monica finds that one date with her high school heartthrob is more than enough.

Ross plays tricks on Rachel following their break-up, and Phoebe is temporarily convinced that a cat is the reincarnation of her dead adoptive mother, Lily.

Shrink Rap

More4, 10.00pm

IN the final episode of the current series, Dr Pamela Connolly talks to Oscar-nominated actress Kathleen Turner.

She shot to fame in the Eighties in the hit movie Body Heat. But 10 years on, one of the cinema's sexiest performers was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and took to drink to ease the pain.

She talks to Dr Connolly about how she fought back against an illness which doctors said would leave her in a wheelchair, how she has coped with her drinking, the subsequent break-up of her marriage and the erosion of her once-stunning looks, and how she made herself a new career in the theatre.


SERPENT SIEGE: Samuel L. Jackson in Snakes on a Plane, Sky Action Thriller, 10.55pm
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 19, 2008
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