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Lie To Me Sky1, 10.00pm TIM Roth is the latest movie star to head down the TV route, and he has chosen the CSI/ Mentalist/Without A Trace police procedural formula.

He plays a scientist who is such an expert in body language, to the most minute of detail that he is a walking and talking lie detector.

He is called in by the police to help in their most convoluted and complicated cases, and as usual, puts them all in the shade with his mind-bending skills.

Beehive E4, 10.30pm THE all-girl sketch show, written and performed by Alice Lowe, Sarah Kendall, Barunka O'Shaughnessy and Clare Thomson, is definitely worth a look.

It's a weird world of oddball characters and peculiar takes on celebrity. In this show, the Rural Madonnas perform a lewd maypole dance, Queen Elizabeth I claims she's "done it loads" as the virgin jibes fly, and Sarah manages to pop out both her eye-balls to prove a point about novelty jokes.

ER More4, 9.00pm AS the series comes to a conclusion, the big-name comebacks are now making way for the first of the teary farewells, with Parminder Nagra's Neela next to leave.

She proves her worth as attending material when she clashes with Dubenko on how to proceed with two different surgical cases, while Brenner gains a deep insight into his painful childhood.

Star Trek: First Contact Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror, 9.00pm APART from The Wrath of Khan, this is the best Star Trek movie ever made.

This fantastic movie sees Captain Picard and the lads head back in time to chase the evil Borg aliens who have time-travelled to enslave the 21st-century human population before they had the technology to defend themselves.

Wonderful action, great drama and an unrelenting script.

Jumper Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror, 10.55pm A GREAT high-concept idea for a movie, this stalled a bit at the box office, which is a real shame as it is a wonderfully exciting film which could have been the spark for a fantastic franchise.

Hayden Christensen (Anakin in Star Wars prequels) stars as a young man who discovers he has a gift, to be a Jumper, who can teleport around the world at will.

When he meets Jamie Bell, a young man with the same skills, he realises he is not alone.

But it's not all good news as he then discovers that he is part of an age-old group of talented people who are being hunted down by evil enforcers, led by an in-form Samuel L. Jackson.


CLEVER MOVE: Tim Roth is a body language expert in Lie To Me, Sky1, 10.00pm
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 14, 2009
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