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Hell's Kitchen USA

ITV2, 8.30pm

SOME might argue the problem with this year's Hell's Kitchen UK was that it was missing Gordon Ramsay - and when you look at this US version where he still rules the roost, it's hard to disagree.

Yes, he is arrogant and, yes, he does make you want to punch him, but he is also incredibly watchable.

Even better, the Americans don't quite know what to make of him.

In tonight's double bill, the contestants have to make school dinners then are given the chance to take over from Gordon at the pass.

Ugly Betty

E4, 9.00pm

MUCH to Henry's distress, Betty tries internet dating and gets asked out on a bowling date.

Meanwhile, Marc is attracted to someone who isn't his type, chubby but charming photographer Cliff.

On the home front, Daniel and Alexis steel themselves for a "family" dinner with stepmum-to-be Wilhelmina, while the still grieving Hilda fails to notice that Justin is skipping school and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Age Of Love

E4, 10.00pm

AGE before beauty could be the battle cry in this fight for the affections of tennis player Mark Philippoussis.

The Cougars, seven sophisticated women in their forties, will compete against the younger Kittens for the hand of the 30-year-old Australian.

Will he choose a younger model or decide that women, like a fine wine, only improve with age?

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Sky Movies Comedy, 11.15pm

HAPLESS Andy, played by Steve Carrell, accidentally lets slip at a poker game that he is still a virgin.

His friends instantly make it their mission to get him some action with hilarious results involving a chest wax, porn movies and endless cringeworthy moments when Andy tries to deal with the opposite sex. His buddies think they have finally succeeded when Andy meets and falls in love with mum-of-three Trish ... until they discover that the couple are dating but have a strict no-sex policy.

Asharply scripted and darkly comic comedy from the team who produced recent hit Knocked Up.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Sky Movies Family, 8.00pm

ANOTHER chance to see the sequel to the original hit.

As with the first movie, the plot is a bit confused, the action moves at a mind-bending pace and it all drags on just a little bit too long.

But none of that really matters because all anyone wants to see is Johnny Depp hamming it up as the rum-bellied Captain Jack Sparrow.

Based on Rolling Stone Keith Richards, Depp's delicious portrayal of the pirate makes this movie worth watching time and time again.


TOP SEA DOG: Johnny Depp is brilliant as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Sky Movies Family, 8.00pm
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 31, 2007
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