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SAS to evaluate new biometry-based identification technique.


The Scandinavian airline SAS said today (6 May) that it would cooperate with the Swedish company Precise Biometrics AB to evaluate a new technology based on smartcards and biometry to simplify check-in and boarding procedures and to improve security.

SAS said that it was to evaluate a technique in which the traveller's fingerprint was read and matched with the fingerprint stored on a smart identity card.

"A fingerprint stored in a smartcard means that travellers carry their own personal information and we can thereby resolve the problem of personal integrity," explained Tommy Lundin, who is responsible for new technology at SAS.

Tests are initially to be conducted in internal installations at SAS's head office, and later among a small group of customers at one of the major airports in Scandinavia, SAS said.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:May 6, 2002
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