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SAS programming and data analysis; a theory and program-driven approach.


SAS programming and data analysis; a theory and program-driven approach.

Onyiah, Leonard C.

Univ. Press of America


590 pages




The Statistical Analysis System has been a mainstay of data analysis in a variety of disciplines within business, government, and industry. In this instructional text Onyiah (statistics, St. Cloud State U.) primarily addresses the needs of statistics students but also takes practitioners into account. He provides a theoretical basis as well as program elements to deal with different data retrieval situations and gives a basic introduction to the software and its user interface, the structure of the program, and data sets and their management. Coverage includes processing of missing values, importing and changing data, enhancing and joining data sets, working with formats and informats, using the output delivery system, programming with arithmetic operators and logical statements as well as functions and constants, and refining output and program operation.

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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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