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SAS accused of violating safety check regulations - report.


Scandinavian airline SAS has reportedly been violating safety check regulations, with the company's technicians accused of skipping regular checks by postdating vital controls of aircraft's landing gear, brakes and tyres.

The poor security checks had allegedly been routine on all types of aircraft on short and middle distance routes involving a total of 116 aircraft flying in Norway and Europe.

According to sources the practice was introduced to save money, reported the Norwegian newspaper VG.

"I would not have flown the plane if I had known this. None of the pilots would. We use the log as a tool and have a culture of entering everything that happens with the plane into the log," Rolf Liland, SAS pilot and deputy leader of Norwegian Airline Pilots Association (NAPA), was quoted as saying to the newspaper.

Lars Mydland, operational director at SAS, believed that the practice was not widespread but admitted that it had occurred since August 2003, reported the online edition of the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

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Date:Nov 11, 2004
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