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SAS Business Intelligence Portal.

SAS Institute have announced the SAS Business Intelligence Portal that makes SAS business intelligence functionality available through a tailored Web interface. The new SAS Portal Architecture enables SAS Business Intelligence Portal content to be surfaced to third-party portals and collaborative platforms.

Knowledge workers are faced with an increasing volume of information from a growing variety of sources. No two knowledge workers are alike either in the specific information they need, or in the way in which they prefer to receive information. A portal addresses these issues by giving these workers a single point of access to the information and tools they need to do their job allowing them to spend their time in working with information, not in trying to locate it. A knowledge worker viewing a static report who realises a need for more detailed information can start up the underlying application from within the report without having to know which application it is, or where the data is stored.

Knowledge workers can control how they are made aware of changes to existing information, through subscription services and colour- coding, ensuring they focus only on those changes that they have determined as being relevant. Support for roaming ensures the consistent appearance of the portal from whichever physical location it is accessed, particularly important for employees who travel frequently.
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Date:Aug 1, 2000
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