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SANYO Introduces Five New Products With a 'Virus Washer' System Suppresses 99% Airborne Viruses Without Any Chemicals; Aim for Product Development Globally to Provide Solutions to Keep Air Safe and Clean.

TOKYO -- SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., (SANYO) a leading provider of environment and energy related products and services, based on its vision 'Think GAIA', announced today the sale of five new products, air purifier system, etc., with the 'virus washer' system which removes airborne viruses and allergens with electrolyzed water. The new products will be sold in Japan from Sept. 2006.

There aren't many effective methods to suppress airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens, especially those that exist in large spaces. In order to solve this problem, SANYO has developed the virus washer system, which suppresses and removes bacteria without the use of any chemicals. This system utilizes tap water which is very accessible and SANYO's proprietary electrolyzed water technology.

SANYO's line-up of products with the virus washer system ranges from home use to commercial use, providing comfort and safety for everyday life.

SANYO aims to develop these products globally including those countries that are concerned with air quality such as Indonesia, China and Vietnam. SANYO will also go forward in testing the water quality of these countries in order to prepare these products for market deployment.

Five new products with the 'virus washer' system

1. Commercial use air purifying system (VW-VF10B)

2. Ceiling mounted cassette unit for packaged air conditioner (VW-SN07A)

3. Home use air purifier (ABC-VW24)

4. Home use vaporizing type humidifier (CFK-VW50G)

5. Home use ceramic fan heater with humidifier (RSF-VW500)

'virus washer' system, suppresses 99% of viruses

The 'virus washer' system is effective in removing bacteria by electrolysis of tap water which is readily available. This is possible by using the effect of electrolysis hypochlorous acid which generates electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water has a high level of safety and is capable of maintaining an effective state, when it comes in contact with bacteria and viruses will form hydroxyl radical, and remove viruses(a), bacteria, mold(b), organic dirt, odor, and oxidative decomposition of dye.

(a) Research: Gunma Prefecture Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences.

(b) Research: Japan Food Research Laboratories. Testing method: agar cultural method, Method of bacterial removal: electrolysis

'virus washer' system is highly effective without filter trapping due to the contact between electrolyzed water and the air. In test in a 2m3 chamber of airborne bacteria, after operating the air purifier, the number of airborne bacteria in 5 min. decreased(c) below 1/1,000,000(d).

(c) Standard term in regards to the suppression of bacteria from the Home Electric Appliances Fair Trade Conference, as compared to no treatment must be below 1/100.

(d) Joint development with Gunma Prefecture Center of Environmental Sciences

SANYO started employing electrolyzed water technology in products in 1987, for a cup type vending machine, installed a hygienic maintaining system. After that SANYO introduced a washing machine with a 'zero detergent' course as well as a home use air purifier, and commercial use air purifying system, etc., SANYO has continued to develop products that utilize electrolyzed water as well has test new positive effects.

In May 2006, SANYO's 'virus washer' system was proven effective in suppressing avian influenza viruses.

This result was achieved by collaborative research with Tottori University, Japan. It was shown that SANYO's proprietary electrolyzed water technology, 'Disinfectant Element' and 'Disinfectant Electrolyzed Mist' was highly effective in suppressing more than 99% of airborne avian influenza viruses.

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