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SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS SANTA'S LITT SANTA'S LITTLE HE E HE HELPERS PERS PERS; Some children loved meeting Father Christmas - but others weren't so impressed.

TAKING your child to visit Santa in his Grotto is one of the best bits of Christmas for many parents.

But not all children enjoy their first meeting with Father Christmas.

Whether it's the giant red suit or big white beard, some kids find the experience a tad overwhelming and that precious picture turns out somewhat different to what mum and dad had in mind. Echo readers have been sending in their pictures of their children meeting Santa in the run up to Christmas, with mixed reactions all round.

While some were thrilled to finally come face to face with Jolly Old Saint Nick, others were reduced to tears!

Santa names around the world - take our quiz WE love Father Christmas here in Liverpool, but how is he known throughout the rest of the world? See if you can match the name of the Santa figure to the correct country... 1. Is Pere Noel from Belgium, Spain, Italy or Germany? 2. Papai Noel is from America, Brazil, Russia or Italy? 3. Would people in Chile, Germany, Italy or Nigeria call Father Christmas by the name Viejo Pascuero("Old Man Christmas")? 4. Is Dun Che Lao Ren ("Christmas Old man") from Hawaii, Hungary, Germany or China? 5. Sinterklaas is how Santa is called in The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden or Hungary? 6. Santa is called Joulupukki in Sweden, Finland, Hawaii or Poland? 7. Pere Noel is also how which other country calls Santa - France, Italy, Spain or Germany? 8. Santa is called Weihnachtsmann ("Christmas Man") in Hawaii, Germany, Sweden or Russia? 9. Which country would call Santa by Kanakaloka - Japan, Italy, Hungary or Hawaii? 10. Would people in Hungary, Italy, Japan or Norway call Santa Mikulas? 11. Babbo Natale is Santa from which country - Japan, Italy, Norway or Poland? 12. Hoteiosho (a god or priest who bears gifts) is from Japan, China, Korea or Russia? 13. Is Julenissen ("Christmas gnome") from Russia, Sweden, Poland or Norway? 14. Is Swiety Mikolaj (St. Nicholas) from Sweden, Russia, Poland or Austria? 15. Ded Moroz ("Grandfather Frost") is from Russia, Ukraine, Sweden or Malta? 16. Jultomten ("Christmas brownie") visits children at Christmas in Malta, Ukraine, Sweden or Spain? Sweden 16.

Russia; 15.

Poland; 14.

Norway; 13.

Japan; 12.

Italy; 11.

Hungary; 10.

Hawaii; 9.

Germany; 8.

France; 7.

Finland; 6.

Netherlands; The 5.

China; 4.

Chile; 3, Brazil; 2.

Belgium; 1.


| DOUBLE TROUBLE: Jennifer Jones sent in these | |pictures of her son's first visit to Santa in Rapid hardware, above, and then his second in Prescot, below

GROTT-OH NO: Abby Fraze sent us this pic, saying: ""My Niamh went to see Santa | |with her nanny in Rapid and screamed the place down"

FIRST SANTA: ECHO reader Leah Rawlinson | |said: "My 8- month-old Lily-Mae Keaney at Kirkby shopping centre."

DIFFERENT VIEWS: Joanne Harley sent this | |snap, saying: "Dolly loving meeting Father Christmas and Pearl not very happy!"

| STRIPES: Becky Martin | |Chadwick: "My little three-yearold boy Jacob, visiting Santa at Button Boutique on Sunday. Santa was wonderful and Jacob had a great time singing songs with him and Santa even remembered what he brought

him last year!"

GREAT GROTTOES: Kirstie Hoyle said: "These are my children meeting Father Christmas at Rainford C of E Primary. | |The grotto is amazing. The kids loved that he knew their name and told them all about Rudolph's antics. Hilarious!" Inset, Stephanie King said: "We went to Rapid in town. Santa's little helper was made up."

| RAPID RESULTS: Tasha | |Wilkinson's son Bobby, two, at Rapid's grotto in Liverpool, above. Below, Kerry O'Brien sent this pictue of four-month-old Koen, adding: "Santa was brill with the kids at Rapid."

STARSTRUCK: Lucy Jane Teague said: "We went to the Burleydam Garden Centre. | |My little boy Oscar, four, couldn't get his words out. Lost for words for the first time! Father Christmas was so sweet and kind to him. He was like Richard Attenborough in Miracle on 34th street - the best Father Christmas we've seen."

HAPPY DAYS: Francesca | |Chekka Mogan sent this picture of Lennon at the Button Boutique grotto, adding: "It was amazing - the kids loved it."
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Date:Dec 21, 2014
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