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 LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Inc. (NASDAQ: SWMCF) has shipped "The Cyberplasm Formula," the fourth installment in its Victor Vector & Yondo series of "I-ventures," interactive comic book adventures for kids. "The Cyberplasm Formula" is available in dual media CD-ROM format, enabling playback on Windows or Macintosh computers.
 This latest adventure follows Victor Vector and his digital dog Yondo, two time-traveling museum field agents from the future, as they try to save the cybernetic Curator of the Museum of Fantastic Phenomena. The Curator's supply of life-giving cyberplasm has been exhausted, and Victor and Yondo must return to the era before the Great Crash of 2093 A.D. to secure the formula.
 As players direct this expedition in time, they learn details about Victor and Yondo's background that have only been hinted at in previous adventures: How world government was relinquished to robots, and how the resulting "utopia" nearly destroyed the human spirit before the Great Crash brought technology to a standstill. They also learn the origins of the mysterious and beautiful Delta Mode, and about the creation of the sinister computer virus RAM Axis, the nemesis of Victor and Yondo.
 As with previous episodes, "The Cyberplasm Formula" features vivid, hand-painted backgrounds and appealing characters designed by Spiderman comic-book artist Ken Steacy. Sound effects, music, professional voices and digital video clips from popular science-fiction movies enhance the story.
 "The Cyberplasm Formula" is available at a competitive suggested retail price of $39.95. "The Cyberplasm Formula" and all of Sanctuary Woods' products are distributed in North America by Electronic Arts and sold through computer retail and consumer electronics stores.
 Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Inc. is a leading developer of family- oriented entertainment and educational multimedia titles distributed on CD-ROM for Windows PC, Macintosh and 3DO platforms. Current titles include "Shelley Duvall's It's a Bird's Life," "Dennis Miller That's News to Me," "The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo" series, "The Hawaii High" series and "Sitting on the Farm."
 Founded in 1988, with headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corp. is a public company currently traded on NASDAQ (SWMCF) and the Vancouver Stock Exchange (SWD.V). Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Inc., a subsidiary of Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corp., has sales, marketing and operations headquarters in San Mateo, Calif.
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