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Byline: Michael Rudnick

LAS VEGAS-This year at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung had big plans with bigger television screens -- what the company claimed were some of the biggest in the flat-panel TV realm.

The consumer electronics giant looked to make a big splash in Las Vegas with what it said is the world's biggest plasma at 80 inches. Maybe Samsung is looking to follow in the footsteps of its South Korean neighbor, LG Electronics, which made waves last year at CES with new U.S. brand LG Electronics USA with what it claimed was the world's largest plasma at the time at 71 inches. Samsung officials were unavailable for comment by press time.

Samsung's 80-inch screen HPR8072 Plasma HDTV will hit the market in May. Pricing has not yet been established for the set, but do not expect to find it at mass merchants offering entry-level priced plasmas.

The Samsung plasma features 1,920-by-1,080 progressive-scanning resolution, a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, and includes custom-matching "tall boy" speakers and matching component rack. In a nod to the growing home networking phenomenon, the television features Samsung's new patented built-in Anynet chip, which allows for single remote-control operation of multiple audio/video components.

Samsung did not forget to supersize the LCD television. The company launched at CES its LNR570D 57-inch widescreen LCD HDTV, what it claims is the largest consumer LCD HDTV on the market. Sharp may disagree with Samsung's claim, as it debuted a 65-inch AQUOS LCD HDTV at CES (see story, page 67).

Samsung's $17,999 LCD TV is expected to ship to retailers in June. This television boasts 1,920-by-1,080 progressive scanning resolution, built-in digital ATSC tuner and CableCARD compatibility, 176-degree viewing angle and the Anynet chip.

To round out the Samsung bigger-is-better approach to CES, the company launched what its claims is the world's largest 1,080p rear-projection DLP television at 67 inches. Sharp is on its tails with a 65-inch rear-projection DLP, its first entrance into the category (see story, page 67).

Samsung is also looking to flatten the tube television with its first thin CRT television at CES. The new SlimFit 30-inch screen HDTV is 15.5 inches deep, about 9 inches slimmer than traditional 30-inch tube televisions, Samsung said.

The SlimFit will be available in March for roughly $1,299. Samsung claimed that it is half the price of a comparable LCD television and slightly more expensive than a 30-inch traditional tube TV.

Caption(s): Samsung looked to make a big splash at CES with what it claimed is the world's biggest plasma at 80 inches.
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Date:Jan 10, 2005
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