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SAMS manuals are online.

The Standard Army Maintenance System (SAMS) series end user manuals are now available online in accessible PDF files. The PDF files can be opened online or saved to your computer hard drive for ready reference.

The SAMS-series manuals haven't been in print for several years. Older computer versions could not pass the firewall restrictions of some local area networks.

The SAMS-1, SAMS-2, and SAMS-I/TDA manuals are available online at:

Click on Products at the bottom left side. Then click on GCSS-Army at the lower right-hand corner. At the next page, click on the SAMS brown button at the bottom of the screen. This will get you to the SAMS page. The link for the manuals is about halfway down. Click on the manual you want and save it or read it online.
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