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SAMA launches The Investment Immersion Program (IIP).

Riyadh, January 28, 2020, SPA -- The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority "SAMA" has launched the Investment Immersion Program (IIP) that aims to employ citizens of both gender and develop their investment capabilities. The program includes extensive scientific and applied training in various investment fields, including developing experiences in global markets, investment management, leadership capabilities and effective communication and strategic thinking.

SAMA stated that the program is designed in partnership with the "Wharton" school at the University of Pennsylvania, the leading American business administration, and with a selection of banks and global asset management institutions to provide an integrated experience of advanced educational courses and practical experiences necessary for promising competencies in the field of investment. Noting that the application to join the program started today and continues until February 20, 2020, via the link: UaaU*aaU1/4-U[logical not]U[cedilla]aeaeU-U*aaaaauU*UiU*U[logical not]-U*aaU*UU[logical not]U1/2aaU*UaeU[umlaut]-4145468/

According to SAMA, (IIP) includes an advanced technical course by Wharton College in Philadelphia, United States, and on the job-training program with international investment banks and companies to develop professional capabilities and personal skills. Additionally, the program encompasses a job rotation within SAMA including investing business under the supervision of experts in specialized investment fields as well as working in one of the specialized investment fields; contributing to investment work in SAMA. Furthermore, this includes multiple training programs to raise technical skills in specialized investment fields with banks and global investment companies. The trainees will be granted financial and non-financial benefits.


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Publication:Saudi Press Agency (SPA)
Date:Jan 28, 2020
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