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SAM service boosts software management.

Birmingham-based technology negotiation specialist Silver Bullet Associates has launched a dedicated Software Asset Management (SAM) service designed to help companies manage and optimise their software installations and licensing.

The firm says it will also help them to remain compliant with all their software suppliers' licensing agreements and avoid unexpected costs.

Silver Bullet claims that with constantly evolving IT infrastructures and a growing number of desktops, laptops and notepads within organisations, keeping track of corporate software assets can become more and more difficult.

The lack of overview can have serious consequences both in under and in over-licensing, with financial implications in both cases.

Under-licensed companies risk receiving unexpected and unbudgeted invoices to cover the shortfall, whilst others may be paying too much for software they are not using or do not need.

Silver Bullet Associates specialises in helping companies to maximise their negotiating potential in order to achieve the best possible software deals.

Managing director Mark Bartrick said: "Effective management of a large software estate can be a major cost-saver for most organisations.

"It is important to have a clear picture of existing assets, in order to maximise their use and avoid compliance issues.

It also puts the company in a stronger negotiating position with software suppliers."

SBA's software asset management service incorporates a sophisticated audit of the entire IT infrastructure within an organisation and helps introduce the policies and processes necessary to ensure the effective management, control and protection of the company's software assets.

SAM also helps companies to save time and money and avoid potential legal complications from under-licensing.

Silver Bullet will work with organisations to review and implement a suitable SAM programme tailored to the company's individual needs.

The company adds that a comprehensive software asset management service also ensures effective strategic infrastructure planning, prevents over-licensing and reduces the risk of users introducing unlicensed software into a network.

Significant cost savings can be achieved just by understanding the company's software inventory and also by negotiating with software vendors from a position of greater transparency.
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Nov 14, 2006
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