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SALON TALK; 'I thought it would be a sad trip. But everyone was so positive'.

Byline: with BARBARA DALEY

CHANEL'S latest runway show featured the hottest models in the world right now - Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, left. Apart from gushing about how fabulous they both looked strutting their stuff down the catwalk, the big talking point was their stylists' choice of hairstyle - big, updated versions of the classic French pleat. They renamed the hairstyle and called it the "Chanel Croissant". Kendall and Gigi where both flaunting the look to their millions of followers on social media, and I predict this is a hairstyle lots of young girls will be sweet on next time they want to make a big impression. | DESIGNERS have been a bit blunt with their models in their Spring/ Summer campaigns. Gucci's latest show featured model Marga Esquivel with a vey blunt, one length hair cut.

Could we be seeing the return of straight edges to our style books? | FORGET the little black dress! For fashionistas in the know, it's all about the SBS - skinny black scarf - or, if you want to be really fashion savvy, the lavalliere. Tying the scarf across your neck and letting the ends hang down is the way to wear it, in case you were wondering!

|| ARE you tempted to get "selfie surgery"? It's the new term for when people decide to get plastic surgery because they don't like the way they look in selfies. Apparently, nose jobs the most common selfie surgeries. I don't see the point, if you don't like way you look in a selfie, just delete it and take another one - filters are girl's best friend! | I THOUGHT it was just me who has problems getting to sleep, but a study this week found that 46% of women in the UK felt they weren't getting enough sleep, with just over a third of men claiming they have problems.

When interviewed, a third of these women felt less confident in their appearance because of their lack of sleep. Now that we know it affects our looks, it'll probably give you sleepless nights.


| ||Cheryl helps Elizabeth Kitundu's family get water from their ground-well

| ||Cheryl Stanley and Delia Jepson walk with members of Elizabeth Kitundu's family as they carry water back to their home in Kidalu

| ||Cheryl Stanley cares for 24-yearold Faraja Daudi before the birth of the baby she has decided to name after the Liverpool midwife

| ||Delia Jepson with 33-year-old Elizabeth Kitundu and her new born baby outside her house in Kidalu

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 3, 2016
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