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Strauss is aiming for the European mass market via major partnerships

Strauss wants to spread its know how and build exports through major joint ventures in Europe and the middle east.

With existing partners Unilever, Danone and Frito-Lay (Pepsico), it is confident of securing tie ups and is already in a number of discussions with leading companies across Europe.

Food division general manager David Laron believes partnerships will prove vital in bringing its range of chilled, fresh salads to European consumers. "We are looking to stay within our speciality where we can provide a lot of added value, knowledge and expertise in the category" he says.

"To make a really big business, you need to localise it and get close to the consumer.

"We have a mission to present these good products, right down to the raw materials, to consumers in western Europe and the middle east"

Strauss's range of houmous, aubergine, tehini and fish roe based fresh salads have been in the European kosher market for a few years, and it is now determined to penetrate the mass market. With the expertise of local partners, it is confident of taking its value and nutrition message to the consumer whether through a branded range or private label.

As part of its strategy of adding value to the sector -- its Houmous Achla and Achla Light brand have 50% of the Israeli market -- it will launch a range of other light variants at Anuga. It will also be showing a new chilled Mediterranean dessert.

Laron says Strauss's greatest breakthrough has been in making packed salads a daily consumption item in Israel. Ahla is now the seventh leading food brand in the domestic market.

Privately owned Strauss has been a market leader in Israel for 60 years. In 1998 it took over Elite to form the Strauss-Elite Group with turnover of $1bn.
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Date:Oct 2, 1999

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