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Nov 23 > Dec 21 THERE'S a small matter of Chinese whispers to deal with, the sort that start off harmless and end up being impossible to be ignored.

Both Venus and Mercury are sitting over your shoulder whispering about who said what to whom, bringing you juicy information from reliable sources and some maybe not so much. But how do you know which is which? You don't. It's best to go with what you know, not what you think you know. So avoid tittle-tattle whether it's in love or in work.

'IT'S ALL SYSTEMS GO WITH A LOVE Mercury is moving forward and re-enters your sign on the 11th, immediately confronting a half-truth with family that will be turned into nothing but the truth. Persistence is needed.

INTEREST FROM THE 14TH TO SINGLE Then it's all systems go with a love interest from the 14th to the 16th. Single Sagittarians are really in for a surprise. Perhaps you will have to make more space at the table on Christmas Day, after all. But calm down and take it slowly.

SAGGIES ARE IN FOR A SURPRISE' Even if it does seem to be hot and happening, don't scare him or her off. They can come around after dinner so everyone can see they're real. Uranus is itching to change direction on the 13th, to bring you some fun and games where previously someone didn't want to play. Once more, singles get the best end of it.

If you're attached or just can't be bothered, it's about making time to enjoy the season and to play in the snow and build snowmen. But if you're not into that then remember Uranus is just taking the pressure off you and reminding you of your default setting as the fun one.

Venus is in your sign from the 16th. Yes, those pesky singles get even more fun, but for all it's easier to get things your way as Venus brings you charm and grace. Professionally, it's a great time, too, but reach out before the 31st when that help goes to money skies.

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Date:Nov 28, 2012
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