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 OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Calling it the "ultimate in taste, quality and value," Safeway Inc. (NYSE: SWY), Oakland, is rolling out a new line of corporate brand products to be called Safeway SELECT, the company said today.
 "Today's shoppers are more cost conscious and more particular about the taste of their food," said Burr Schinner, Safeway corporate senior vice president and director of marketing. "They want products that are more natural, have fewer preservatives and, above all, they want real value for the money they spend ... consumers are intent on paying less than they typically pay for many national brands," he added.
 "We are very excited about this new initiative," continued Schinner. "We believe the products are so good, so unusual, and so well priced they will attract customers who have typically shopped at other supermarkets."
 The SELECT Brand, which will complement other well-respected Safeway brands such as Lucerne, TownHouse and Bel-Air, will be introduced in all U.S. Safeway stores on Jan. 7.
 The first Safeway SELECT items will be a full line of colas and flavored soft drinks.
 "I know it's hard to believe, but we finally developed a cola that tastes as good as the two major national brands," said Schinner.
 And he is not alone in this point of view. In blind taste tests conducted in Safeway's major markets, a majority of consumers chose SELECT cola over their favorite national brand.
 SELECT colas will be offered in regular, diet and caffeine- free/sodium-free regular and diet. In addition, 17 other familiar soft drink flavors will be offered in both cans and two-liter bottles.
 Following SELECT cola, Safeway will introduce SELECT Indulgence Very Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. The superior tasting, all-butter cookies are 39 percent bittersweet chocolate by weight.
 "If these cookies had any more chocolate in them, we'd have to call them chocolate bars," joked Schinner.
 Safeway SELECT Indulgence Very Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies will be available about the first of February.
 Developers of the Safeway SELECT program confirm that while SELECT products -- like the colas and the Very Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies -- set the "Gold Standard" in terms of taste and quality, they will be priced lower than the competing national brands.
 "The national brand manufacturers spend a lot of money on advertising, promotion and store delivery," continued Schinner. "Safeway, on the other hand, can develop, package (often manufacture ourselves), distribute and promote in our stores in a manner which creates savings that can be passed on to Safeway shoppers."
 Over the next two years, Safeway will introduce SELECT items into many categories within the store. "But each item," said Schinner, "will be carefully chosen and each will have something unique about it to delight our customers."
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