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 MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 1 ~PRNewswire~ -- A bad back can turn anybody into a grinch.
 Which is why, when you're making out this year's list of Christmas gifts, you might want to include a SafetyMates back support for the do- it-yourselfer at your house.
 Now, if a back support sounds like an unconventional gift, consider this statistic: at some point in life, four out of five Americans experience some form of back pain. In fact, back trouble costs business and government about $25 billion a year in medical bills, workers comp and lost productivity. Most back injury is caused by poor posture, improper lifting of heavy objects, strain and injury, and excess weight. And much of it is preventable.
 Whatever the cause, back problems can turn the most commonplace activities into challenging ordeals. Shoveling the sidewalk, decorating the tree, even sitting or standing can trigger everything from muscle spasms and numbness to shooting pain in the legs and decreased range of motion.
 The SafetyMates back support is a new product from Ergodyne, a company that specializes in developing products and programs designed to support your back, wrists and other parts of the body during strenuous activity. Lightweight and easy to use, the support is worn around the waist just above your hips and can be loosened or tightened by adjusting a pair of elastic bands with velcro fasteners.
 How does it work? Essentially by offering support to your back muscles while encouraging your stomach muscles to pitch in and handle some of the strain. During lifting, the support "reminds" you to lift properly. This includes planting your feet firmly at shoulder width, bending your knees, and holding your lower spine straight or slightly arched.
 SafetyMates back supports are machine washable and carry a 90-day money back warranty. They're available at home center, hardware, lawn and garden stores and other retail outlets. To find out where you can buy one, call toll free, 1-800-225-8238.
 Ensure a happier, more comfortable holiday for the back pain sufferer on your list. Surprise them with a SafetyMates back support under the tree this year.
 -0- 12~1~92
 ~NOTE TO EDITOS: Photos, interviews with an exercise physiologist and product samples available upon request~
 ~CONTACT: Mike Jackelen of Ergodyne, 612-642-9889, or Tom Jollie or Julie Klaustermeier of Padilla Speer Beardsley, 612-297-6500, for Ergodyne~

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Date:Nov 25, 1992

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