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Articles from SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems (April 1, 2017)

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A CFD Analysis Method for Prediction of Vehicle Exterior Wind Noise. Phan, Vinh Long; Tanaka, Hiroshi; Nagatani, Takaaki; Wakamatsu, Mikio; Yasuki, Tsuyoshi Report 6060
A Hybrid Approach to Model the Temperature Effect in Tire Forces and Moments. Bibin, S.; Pandey, Ashok Kumar Report 9089
A Novel Kinematic Model of a Steerable Tire for Examining Kingpin Moment during Low-Speed-Large-Steering-Angle Cornering. Vo, Dai Quoc; Marzbani, Hormoz; Fard, Mohammad; Jazar, Reza N. Report 4230
Accurate Fuel Economy Prediction via a Realistic Wind Averaged Drag Coefficient. Dalessio, Luca; Duncan, Bradley; Chang, Chinwei; Gargoloff, Joaquin Ivan; Tate, Ed Report 8870
Aerodynamic Analysis of Grand Prix Cars Operating in Wake Flows. Newbon, Joshua; Sims-Williams, David; Dominy, Robert Report 6666
Aerodynamic Investigation of Cooling Drag of a Production Sedan Part 2: CFD Results. Larson, Levon; Gin, Ronald; Lietz, Robert Report 4206
Analysis of the Effectiveness of Evaporator's Hydrophilic Coating of Cores Recovered from Humid and Arid Regions. Mathur, Gursaran D. Report 3502
Condition Monitoring of Multi-Bolted Joints with Combination of Preload Measurement and Extended Evaluation from FEA. Manoharan, Shiva Kumar; Duempelmann, Christopher; Friedrich, Christoph Report 3521
Coupled Level-Set Volume of Fluid Simulations of Water Flowing Over a Simplified Drainage Channel With and Without Air Coflow. Dianat, Mehriar; Skarysz, Maciej; Hodgson, Graham; Garmory, Andrew; Passmore, Martin Report 5527
Coupling a Passive Sensor Manikin with a Human Thermal Comfort Model to Predict Human Perception in Transient and Asymmetric Environments. Hepokoski, Mark; Curran, Allen; Gullman, Sam; Jacobsson, David Report 3140
Critical Assessment of Some Popular Scale-Resolving Turbulence Models for Vehicle Aerodynamics. Jakirlic, Suad; Kutej, Lukas; Unterlechner, Peter; Tropea, Cameron Report 7463
Design and Development of a Composite A-Pillar to Reduce Obstruction Angle in Passenger Cars. Vaidya, Sajiree; Velamakuri, Naga Sai Chakravart; Agarwal, Piyush; Pilla, Srikanth; Schmueser, David Report 2994
Development and Testing of the Ultera[R] Dual Stage Catalyst System on Gasoline-Fueled Light Duty Vehicles (LDV's). Roy, Jean P.; Ghoniem, Ahmed; Panora, Robert; Gehret, Joseph; Falls, Bruce; Wallace, David; Ott, Dan Report 6644
Development of High Fidelity Dynamic Model with Thermal Response for Single Plate Dry Clutch. Penta, Amar; Warule, Prasad; Patel, Sanjay; Dhamija, Lohit Report 3789
Effect of Vortex Generator on Flow Field Quality in 3/4 Open Jet Automotive Wind Tunnel. Bao, Di; Jia, Qing; Yang, Zhigang Report 4163
Ejector Energy-Saving Technology for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems. Kawamoto, Yoichiro; Ogata, Gota; Shan, Zhiwei Report 3478
Expanded Human Choice based on Duty/Demand Cycles for In-Wheel Motors in Electric Vehicles. Lee, Hoon; Tesar, Delbert; Ashok, Pradeepkumar Report 7217
Experimental Investigation of Aeroacoustic Cabin Noise in Unsteady Flow by Means of a New Turbulence Generating Device. Terakado, Susumu; Makihara, Takafumi; Sugiyama, Takashi; Maeda, Kazuhiro; Tadakuma, Kenji; Tsuboi, K Report 4197
General Motors' New Reduced Scale Wind Tunnel Center. Tortosa, Nina; Schroeck, David; Nagle, Tony; Flynt, Guy 9237
Impact of Different Desired Velocity Profiles and Controller Gains on Convoy Driveability of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Operated Platoons. Tamilarasan, Santhosh; Guvenc, Levent Report 3888
Influence of Nozzle Divergent Part Length and Throat Diameter on Vortex Control of Initially Subcooled Flashing Flow. Zhu, Jingwei; Elbel, Stefan Report 3415
Investigating the Parameterization of Dugoff Tire Model Using Experimental Tire-Ice Data. He, Rui; Jimenez, Emilio; Savitski, Dzmitry; Sandu, Corina; Ivanov, Valentin 6347
Mechanical Design, Prototyping, and Validation of A Martian Robot Mining System. Liu, Yucheng; Batte, Jeremy; Collins, Zachary; Bateman, Jennifer; Atkins, John; Davis, Madelyn; Sall Report 3718
Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Clutch Engagement Judder and Stick-Slip. Sivanesan, M.; Jayabalaji, G. Report 5471
Numerical Investigation of Features Affecting Rear and Side Body Soiling. Jilesen, Jonathan; Gaylard, Adrian; Escobar, Jose Report 6058
OEM's Approach on Design and Evaluation of Plastic Clamps. Aneja, Harchetan Singh; Singh, Harmeet; Parmar, Aashish; Sharma, Rohan Report 3996
Optimum Seat Cooling Distribution for Targeted Human Thermal Comfort[R]. Velivelli, Aditya; Guerithault, Daniel; Stowe, Stefan Report 3422
Signal Generator for Prediction of Transient Control Signals of an Automotive Transmission Control Unit Depending on Scalar Calibration Parameters. Rot, Ivan; Rinderknecht, Stephan Report 7412
Stability of Motion and Mobility Analysis of a 4x4 Hybrid-Electric Vehicle with Passive Drivelines. Paldan, Jesse; Vantsevich, Vladimir V. Report 5014
Study of Optimizing Sliding Door Efforts and Package Layout. Yun, Hyung In; Lee, Jae Kyu; Choi, Jae Hong; Je, MyoungKwon; Kim, Junhyuk Report 2449
The Effect of a Sheared Crosswind Flow on Car Aerodynamics. Howell, Jeff; Forbes, David; Passmore, Martin; Page, Gary Report 4396
The Effect of Passive Base Ventilation on the Aerodynamic Drag of a Generic SUV Vehicle. Varney, Max; Passmore, Martin; Gaylard, Adrian Report 5902
The Recent Upgrade of the Model Scale Wind Tunnel of University of Stuttgart. Wittmeier, Felix 6435
Toothed Chain CVT: Opportunities and Challenges. Duan, Chengwu; Yao, Jian; Huang, Ying Report 2131
Turbulence Models and Model Closure Coefficients Sensitivity of NASCAR Racecar RANS CFD Aerodynamic Predictions. Fu, Chen; Uddin, Mesbah; Robinson, Clay; Guzman, Arturo; Bailey, David Report 6635
Unsteady Aerodynamic Response of a Vehicle by Natural Wind Generator of a Full-Scale Wind Tunnel. Yamashita, Taro; Makihara, Takafumi; Maeda, Kazuhiro; Tadakuma, Kenji Report 4827
Validation of Aerodynamic Simulation and Wind Tunnel Test of the New Buick Excelle GT. Wang, Fuliang; Yin, Zhangshun; Yan, Shi; Zhan, Jia; Friz, Heinz; Li, Bo; Xie, Weiliang 4993
Water Ingress Analysis and Splash Protection Evaluation for Vehicle Wading using Non-Classical CFD Simulation. Khapane, Prashant; Chavan, Vivek; Ganeshwade, Uday Report 7286

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