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Articles from SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems (April 1, 2016)

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A CFD study of an electronic hydraulic power steering helical external gear pump: Model development, validation and application. Qi, Feng; Dhar, Sujan; Nichani, Varun Haresh; Srinivasan, Chiranth; Wang, De Ming; Yang, Liang; Bing Report 3243
A discussion of complex eigenvalue analytical methods as they relate to the prediction of brake noise. Ballinger, Robert S. Report 5432
A model-free stability control design scheme with active steering actuator sets. Hirche, Benjamin; Ayalew, Beshah Report 7070
A new control mechanism for two-phase ejector in vapor compression cycles for automotive applications using adjustable motive nozzle inlet swirl. Zhu, Jingwei; Elbel, Stefan Report 5301
A new torque distribution strategy for blended anti-lock braking systems of electric vehicles based on road conditions and driver's intentions. Li, Wenfei; Du, Haiping; Li, Weihua Report 5955
A reduced-order model for evaluating the dynamic response of multilayer plates to impulsive loads. Jiang, Weiran; Bennett, Alyssa; Vlahopoulos, Nickolas; Castanier, Matthew; Thyagarajan, Ravi Report 4676
Active booming noise control for hybrid vehicles. Kang, Hyungsouk; Chung, TaeYoung; Lee, Hyeongcheol; Ihm, Hyungbin Report 3264
Active noise equalization of vehicle low frequency interior distraction level and its optimization. Xu, Haiqing; Jin, Chang; Zhou, Hong; Zhou, Yi Report 6113
An improved reanalysis method using parametric reduced order modeling for linear dynamic systems. Haider, Syed F.; Mourelatos, Zissimos Report 4658
An indirect TPMS algorithm based on tire resonance frequency estimated by AR model. Zhao, Jian; Su, Jing; Zhu, Bing; Shan, Jingwei Report 3654
Application of stochastic model predictive control to modeling driver steering skills. Wang, Chunlei; Zhang, Xinjie; Guo, Konghui; Ma, Fangwu; Chen, Dong Report 4598
Application study of nonlinear viscoelastic constitutive model for dynamic behavior of suspension arm bushing. Ueda, Masahiro; Ito, Satoshi; Suzuki, Daichi Report 3333
Automotive brake squeal simulation and optimization. Yang, Shukai; Sun, Zuokui; Liu, Yingjie; Lu, Bingwu; Liu, Tao; Hou, Hangsheng Report 3942
Clarification of transient characteristics by coupled analysis of powertrains and vehicles. Hibino, Ryoichi; Jimbo, Tomohiko; Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki; Tsurumi, Yasuaki; Otsubo, Hideaki; Kato, Shin Report 5614
Climate control load reduction strategies for electric drive vehicles in cold weather. Jeffers, Matthew A.; Chaney, Larry; Rugh, John P. Report 4828
Comparative study of adaptive algorithms for vehicle powertrain noise control. Xu, Ji; Sun, Guohua; Feng, Tao; Li, Mingfeng; Lim, Teik Report 7453
Comprehensive optimization of dynamics performance and energy consumption for an electric vehicle via coordinated control of SBW and FIWMA. Li, Yutong; Zhang, Junzhi; Lv, Chen; Yuan, Ye Report 4977
Concept for improving cost effectiveness of thermoelectric heat recovery systems. Mori, Masayoshi; Matsumoto, Manabu; Ohtani, Makoto Report 4458
Conceptual development of a multi-material composite structure for an urban utility/activity vehicle. Flegel, Christopher; Bhivate, Parth; Li, Liang; Mathur, Yash; Phalgaonkar, Sanket; Benton, Mark; Mur Report 8975
Determination of transmission and insertion loss for the general multi-inlet multi-outlet case. Zhang, Yitian; Herrin, David W.; Wu, T.; Hua, Xin Report 2642
Development of fracture model for laser screw welding. Kumagai, Koushi; Kuwahara, Masaaki; Yasuki, Tsuyoshi; Koreishi, Norimasa Report 3962
Development of new electronically controlled hydraulic unit for various applications. Okano, Takahiro; Sakai, Akira; Kamiya, Yusuke; Masuda, Yoshio; Yamaguchi, Tomoyuki Report 4787
Dynamic three-dimensional CFD simulation of closed circuit torque converter systems. Srinivasan, Chiranth; Joshi, Darshak; Dhar, Sujan; Wang, De Ming Report 7608
Effect of three controls (camber angle control, derivative steering assistance control, and inside-outside wheel braking force and driving force control in body slip angle area. Yamaguchi, Ryo; Nozaki, Hiromichi Report 3462
Effects of the glass and body heat transfer characteristics of an electric vehicle on its energy consumption and cruising distance. Ozeki, Yoshiichi; Nagano, Hideaki; Kohri, Itsuhei Report 3647
Fast crank-angle based 0D simulation of combustion engine cold tests including manufacturing faults and production spread. Wiederer, Julian; Leitner, Lukas; Endisch, Christian; Reiss, Hans Report 8387
Function-based architecture design for next-generation automotive brake controls. Liu, Haizhen; Deng, Weiwen; He, Rui; Wu, Jian; Zhu, Bing Report 4868
GPGPU-based high performance parallel computation method for valve body failure mode. Suzuki, Tomonori; Mani, Tsutomu; Tsuchida, Kenichi; Yamaguchi, Masamichi Report 3621
Influence of active camber control on steering feel. Roethof, Daan; Sezer, Tarik; Arat, Mustafa Ali; Shyrokau, Barys Report 5572
Influence of advanced technology for thermal management on SUV. Liu, Gang; Zhao, Zheng; Guan, Hao; Liu, Yaqi; Zhang, Chunhui; Gao, Dingwei; Zhou, Wuming; Knauf, Jue Report 3634
Investigation of characteristics of gear meshing noise under three-axis driving planetary gear set. Nakagawa, Masao; Abbes, Mohamed Ali Ben; Hirogaki, Toshiki; Aoyama, Eiichi Report 4523
Mitigation of fuel cell degradation through MEA design. Petch, Mike; Burton, S.; Hodgkinson, A.; O'Malley, R.; Turner, W. Report 3052
Modeling of a reversible air conditioning-heat pump system for electric vehicles. Feng, Lili; Hrnjak, Predrag Report 4902
Modelling and simulation of rapidly changing road gradients. Wragge-Morley, Robert Timothy; Herrmann, Guido; Burgess, Stuart; Barber, Phil Report 6121
Next generation PVB interlayer for improved HUD image clarity. Spangler, Lora L.; Hurlbut, Jeffrey; Cashen, Daniel; Robb, Emily; Eckhart, Jim Report 2047
Numerical simulation and validation of cabin aiming and cool-down of a passenger car. Sen, Somnath; Selokar, Mayur Report 7064
On the effect of friction law in closed-loop coupling disc brake model. Du, Yongchang; Lv, Yingping; Wang, Yujian; Gao, Pu Report 3660
Real-world thermal effects on wheel assembly efficiency of conventional and electric vehicles. Jehlik, Forrest; Rask, Eric; Duoba, Michael Report 5516
Reanalysis of linear dynamic systems using modified combined approximations with frequency shifts. Haider, Syed F.; Mourelatos, Zissimos Report 5060
Reliability evaluation of thin, lightweight laminates for windshield applications. Cleary, Thomas M.; Huten, Timothy; Strong, Daniel; Walawender, Chester S. Report 4818
Ride comfort analysis considering suspension friction with series rigidity. Koumura, Shingo; Shionoya, Takahiro Report 3000
Semi-empirical CFD transient simulation of engine air filtration systems. Wu, Hongwen; Brunberg, Johan; Altimira, Mireia; Bratt, Niclas; Nyberg, Henrik; Cronhjort, Andreas; P Report 5201
Simulative analysis of secondary loop automotive refrigeration systems operated with an HFC and carbon dioxide. Menken, Jan Christoph; Ricke, Martin; Weustenfield, Thomas A.; Koehler, Juergen Report 4435
Sliding mode adaptive PID control of an automotive clutch-by-wire actuator. Haggag, Salem A. Report 5276
Study of frequency characteristics of vehicle motions for the derivation of inherent jerk. Deshmukh, Akshay; Mulani, Babalal; Jadhav, Narayan; Parihar, Abhimanyu Singh Report 2193
Study on a closed-loop coupling model without coupling spring. Du, Yongchang; Lv, Yingping; Wang, Yujian; Gao, Pu Report 3965
Study on repeated-root modes in substructure modal composition analysis. Gao, Pu; Du, Yongchang; Wang, Yujian; Lv, Yingping Report 4399
The safety and dynamic performance of blended brake system on a two-speed DCT based battery electric vehicle. Ruan, Jiageng; Walker, Paul; Zhang, Nong; Xu, Guangzhong Report 5892
Vehicle longitudinal control algorithm based on iterative learning control. Gao, Zhenhai; Wang, Jun; Hu, Hongyu; Wang, Dazhi Report 4453
Vehicle wind noise measurements in a wind tunnel with a contoured top profile. Rovedatti, Vincent; Milhorn, Jacob; DeJong, Richard; Ebbitt, Gordon Report 2011

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