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Articles from SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing (August 1, 2016)

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A study on the impact resistance of plastic underbody parts. Youn, Jee Young; Kim, Seok Hwan; Jin, Yong Sun "Steven" Report 2588
Analysis of influence of snow melting agents and soil components on corrosion of decorative chrome plating. Kajiyama, Yuko; Obata, Toshikazu; Sugimoto, Tsuyoshi; Nakamura, Masahiro; Mori, Motohide Report 4034
Applications and design of low temperature surface hardened stainless steel components in automotive applications. Karl, Andreas; Beamer, Chad Report 3604
Auto seating lightweighting using solstice[R] liquid blowing agent (HFO 1233zd(E)). Grossman, Ronald S. Report 5429
Both-sides welding technology for resin fuel tubes. Tomomatsu, Daisuke Report 2532
Characterization of residual stresses on steel coil springs via x-ray diffraction techniques. Cuccia, Frank Anthony; Pineault, James; Belassel, Mohammed; Brauss, Michael Report 2234
Computational efficiency improvements in topography optimization using reanalysis. Haider, Syed F.; Mourelatos, Zissimos Report 3788
Considerations in collaborative robot system designs and safeguarding. Hull, Tina; Minarcin, Monika A. Report 5399
Crushing analysis and lightweight design of tapered tailor welded hybrid material tubes under oblique impact. Wang, Da-Zhi; Cao, Guang-Jun; Qi, Chang; Sun, Yong; Yang, Shu; Du, Yu Report 6583
Custom design multi-axial engine mount load-cell development for road load identification and fatigue life estimation. Ozturk, Umud Esat; Ucar, Lutfi; Shahidi, Kaveh; Ersoy, Nuri; Zobi, Onur; Bagdat, Umit; Yanarocak, Ri Report 2222
Design and performance analysis of a novel regenerative braking system for electrified passenger vehicles. Yuan, Ye; Zhang, Junzhi; Lv, Chen; Li, Yutong Report 3920
Development of a highly anti-corrosive organic-inorganic hybrid paint. Akahori, Minoru; Kano, Tatsuya; Takahira, Takayoshi; Goto, Tetsuo; Kajikawa, Katsuhiro; Kondo, Nobuy Report 2927
Development of friction stir clinching process for alclad 2024-T3 aluminum sheets. Lin, Pai-Chen; Lo, Shihming Report 4631
Development of paint booth: "New Paint Mist Collection Method". Iida, Tatsuya; Mitani, Hiroya; Sato, Mamoru Report 2457
Development of the all-surface plated smart handle through in-vapor deposition technology. Hara, Takashi; Kato, Masaki; Mizutani, Kazuki Report 2434
Development of trivalent chromium passivation for Zn platng with high corrosion resistance after heating. Kawaguchi, Hiroshi; Funatsumaru, Osamu; Sugawara, Hiroyoshi; Sumiya, Hiroshi; Iwade, Takanobu; Yamam Report 2294
Effect of humidity on the very high cycle fatigue behavior of a cast aluminum alloy. Li, Wenkai; Engler-Pinto, Carlos; Cui, Haitao; Wen, Weidong; Su, Xuming Report 3434
Effect of thermal exposure time on the relaxation of residual stress in high pressure die cast AM60. Hill, Haley; Zindel, Jacob; Godlewski, Larry Report 3906
Experimental study of the plasticity responses of TRIP780 steel subjected to strain-path changes. Yu, HaiYan; He, ZeZhen; Shen, JiaYi Report 3652
Failure mode effects and fatigue data analyses of welded vehicle exhaust components and its applications in product validation. Wei, Zhigang; Zhu, George; Gao, Litang; Luo, Limin Report 6755
Fatigue behavior of neat and short glass fiber reinforced polymers under two-step loadings and periodic overloads. Eftekhari, Mohammadreza; Fatemi, Ali; Khosrovaneh, Abolhassan Report 5315
Finite element simulation of compression molding of woven fabric carbon fiber/epoxy composites: Part I material model development. Li, Yang; Zhao, Qiangsheng; Mirdamadi, Mansour; Zeng, Danielle; Su, Xuming Report 5602
Identification of true stress-strain curve of thermoplastic polymers under biaxial tension. Meng, Yan; Xia, Yong; Zhou, Qing; Lin, Shaoting Report 4279
Investigation of failure mode and fatigue behavior of flow drill screw joints in lap-shear specimens of aluminum 6082-T6 sheets. Hong, Seung Hoon; Yan, Frank; Sung, Shin-Jang; Pan, Jwo; Su, Xuming; Friedman, Peter Report 2345
Measurements of residual stresses in aluminum wheels using the techniques of XRD, strain gages and FEA simulation - a comparison. Cione, Francisco C.; Rola, Fabio; Colosio, Marco A. Report 1597
Mechanical behavior of lithium-ion battery component materials and error sources analysis for test results. Jiang, Xuqian; Luo, Hailing; Xia, Yong; Zhou, Qing Report 5069
Non-linear bifurcation stability analysis for articulated vehicles with active trailer differential braking systems. Sun, Tao; Lee, Eungkil; He, Yuping Report 8034
Performance analysis of the rule-optimized Fuzzy-Logic controller for semi-active suspension. Caliskan, Kemal; Kaldas, Mina M.S.; Henze, Roman; Kucukay, Ferit Report 6829
Power demands for curing carbon fiber composites for automotive components. Berejka, Anthony; Montoney, Dan; Dispenza, Dan; Poveromo, Len; Galloway, Rick; Cleland, Marshall; Dr Report 3545
Predicting impact damage, residual strength and crashworthiness of composite structures. Falzon, Brian; Tan, Wei Report 6436
Programmed load spectrum for fatigue bench test of a vehicle body. Gao, Yunkai; Han, Jingpeng; Fang, Jianguang; Wang, Shihui Report 4046
Research on temperature and strain rate dependent viscoelastic response of polyvinyl butaral film. Xu, Xiaoqing; Liu, Bohan; Wang, Yan; Li, Yibing Report 3532
Residual stress distributions in rectangular bars due to high rolling loads. Ali, Mohammed Yusuf; Michlik, Petr; Pan, Jwo Report 8591
Review and assessment of frequency-based fatigue damage models. Quigley, John P.; Lee, Yung-Li; Wang, Liang Report 8039
Simplified CAE models for upfront development of instrument panel. Pisipati, Venkat; Krishnaraj, Srikanth; Webb, Amy McGuckin; Kandukuri, Pavankumar Reddy Report 3514
Stress intensity factor solutions for welds in lap-shear specimens under clamped loading conditions. Sung, Shin-Jang; Pan, Jwo Report 3087
Study of bending strength for aluminum reinforced with epoxy composite. Khan, Saida; Sarang, Santosh Kumar; Hiratsuka, Ichiro Report 3509
Systemic root cause early failure analysis during accelerated reliability testing of mass produced mobility electronics. Verbitsky, David E. Report 5862
The impact of interior sensory quality to North American customers. Abro, Lauren Report 1639
Uncertainty optimization of thin-walled beam crashworthiness based on approximate model with step encryption technology. Du, Qianqian Report 5251
Using neural networks to examine the sensitivity of composite material mechanical properties to processing parameters. Zhang, Xu; Johrendt, Jennifer Report 4663
Value streaming through customer participation in product realization. El-Sayed, Mohamed Report 2426
Vehicle powertrain thermal management system using model predictive control. Karnik, Amey Y.; Fuxman, Adrian; Bonkoski, Phillip; Jankovic, Mrdjan; Pekar, Jaroslav Report 4713

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