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Articles from SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants (November 1, 2017)

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0W-16 Fuel Economy Gasoline Engine Oil Compatible with Low Speed Pre-Ignition Performance. Liu, Hong; Jin, Jiajia; Li, Hongyu; Yamamori, Kazuo; Kaneko, Toyoharu; Yamashita, Minoru; Zhang, Lip Report 2995
A General Method for Fouling Injectors in Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicles and the Effects of Deposits on Vehicle Performance. Shanahan, Charles S.; Smith, S. Scott; Sears, Brian D. Report 5460
An Intake Valve Deposit (IVD) Engine Test Development to Investigate Deposit Build-Up Mechanism Using a Real Engine. Gail, Sandro; Nomura, Takashi; Hayashi, Hitoshi; Miura, Yuichiro; Yoshida, Katsumi; Natarajan, Vinod Report 5609
Assessment of the Full Thermodynamic Potential of C8-Oxygenates for Clean Diesel Combustion. Zubel, Marius; Pischinger, Stefan; Heuser, Benedikt Report 8329
Boundary Lubrication of Biofuels and Similar Molecules. Weinebeck, Alexander; Reinertz, Olivier; Murrenhoff, Hubertus Report 4399
Challenging Conventional Wisdom by Utilizing Group II Base Oils in Fuel Efficient Axle Oils. Hong, Hyun-Soo; Engel, Christopher; Filippini, Brian; Slocum, Sona; Qureshi, Farrukh; Higuchi, Tomoy Report 3998
Comparative Study on Gasoline HCCI and DICI Combustion in High Load Range with High Compression Ratio for Passenger Cars Application. Yu, Linjun; Li, Yanfei; Li, Bowen; Liu, Hao-ye; Wang, Zhi; He, Xin; Shuai, Shi-jin Report 4100
Development of a Fuel System Cleanliness Test Method in a Euro 4 Direct-Injection Gasoline Engine (VW 1.4 L TSI 90 kW). Glawar, Andreas; Volkmer, Fabian; Wu, Yanyun; Groves, Adrian Report 5934
Development of Engine Lubrication System with New Internal Gear Fully Variable Discharge Oil Pump. Yamamoto, Michitaka; Hosogi, Takayuki; Watanabe, Tetsuji; Nishida, Yuki Report 4260
Development of Surrogate Model for Oxygenated Wide-Distillation Fuel with Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ether. He, Tanjin; Liu, Hao-ye; Wang, Yingdi; Wang, Boyuan; Liu, Hui; Wang, Zhi Report 10651
Effects of High Boiling Point Fuel Additives on Deposits in a Direct Injection Gasoline Engine. Nagano, Susumu; Yokoo, Nozomi; Kitano, Koji; Nakata, Koichi Report 6951
Engine Oil Components Effects on Turbocharger Protection and the Relevance of the TEOST 33C Test for Gasoline Turbocharger Deposit Protection. Yang, Kongsheng; Fletcher, Kristin A.; Styer, Jeremy P.; Lam, William Y.; Guinther, Gregory H. Report 4817
Enhanced Anti-Wear Performance Induced by Innovative Base Oil in Low Viscosity Engine Oil. Champagne, Nicolas; Obrecht, Nicolas; Gangopadhyay, Arup; Zdrodowski, Rob; Liu, Z. Report 4634
Fuel Consumption Sensitivity of Conventional and Hybrid Electric Light-Duty Gasoline Vehicles to Driving Style. Thomas, John; Huff, Shean; West, Brian; Chambon, Paul Report 11363
Fundamental Understanding of Antiwear Mechanisms in Real-World Applications: Part 1. Smith, Oliver M.; Nguyen, Nga; Delbridge, Ewan; Burrington, James; Guo, Binbin; Hanthorn, Jason; Zha Report 4257
Fundamental Understanding of Antiwear Mechanisms in Real-World Applications: Part 2. Smith, Oliver M.; Nguyen, Nga; Delbridge, Ewan; Burrington, James; Guo, Binbin; Hanthorn, Jason; Zha Report 4271
Impact of Particle Characteristics and Engine Conditions on Deposit-Induced Pre-Ignition and Superknock in Turbocharged Gasoline Engines. Gupta, Ashutosh; Seeley, Rachel; Shao, Huifang; Remias, Joe; Roos, Joseph; Wang, Zhi; Qi, Yunliang Report 7216
Improving Engine Efficiency and Emission Reduction Potential of HVO by Fuel-Specific Engine Calibration in Modern Passenger Car Diesel Applications. Omari, Ahmad; Pischinger, Stefan; Bhardwaj, Om Parkash; Holderbaum, Bastian; Nuottimaki, Jukka; Honk 7680
Investigation of Combustion and Emission Performance of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Diesel. Wu, Yanlong; Ferns, Jason; Li, Hu; Andrews, Gordon Report 4277
Kinetic Modeling Study of NOx Conversion Based on Physicochemical Characteristics of Hydrothermally Aged SCR/DPF Catalyst. Ohya, Naoki; Hiyama, Kohei; Tanaka, Kotaro; Konno, Mitsuru; Tomita, Atsuko; Miki, Takeshi; Tai, Yuta Report 5314
Methanol Fuel Testing on Port Fuel Injected Internal-Only EGR, HPL-EGR and D-EGR[R] Engine Configurations. Randolph, Eric; Gukelberger, Raphael; Alger, Terrence; Briggs, Thomas; Chadwell, Christopher; Bosque Report 4372
Novel Index for Evaluation of Particle Formation Tendencies of Fuels with Different Chemical Compositions. Wittmann, Jan-Hubert; Menger, Lars Report 3279
NOx Emission Reduction in Annona Biodiesel Engine by Means of Antioxidant Additives. Ramalingam, Senthil; Rajendran, Silambarasan Report 6779
Optimizing Engine Oils for Fuel Economy with Advanced Test Methods. Kocsis, Michael Clifford; Morgan, Peter; Michlberger, Alexander; Delbridge, Ewan E.; Smith, Oliver Report 4816
Prediction of Spray Behavior in Injected by Urea SCR Injector and the Reaction Products. Niwa, Akihiro; Sakatani, Shogo; Matsumura, Eriko; Kitamura, Takaaki Report 5011
The Application of New Approaches to the Analysis of Deposits from the Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester (JFTOT). Barker, Jim; Reid, Jacqueline; Smith, Sarah Angel; Snape, Colin; Scurr, David; Langley, Graham; Pate Report 5056
The Benefits of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Additivation on Urea-Derived Deposits Formation in a Close-Coupled Diesel SCR on Filter Exhaust Line. Lecompte, Matthieu; Obiols, Jerome; Cherel, Jerome; Raux, Stephane Report 7793
The Influence of Fuel Cetane Number on Catalyst Light-Off Operation in a Modern Diesel Engine. Kurtz, Eric; Polonowski, Christopher J. Report 5927

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