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Articles from SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants (April 1, 2016)

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A study of reliability evaluation of main bearings for multicylinder diesel engines. Sadatomi, Masashi; Ito, Hiroaki Report 3097
Analytic model of powertrain drive cycle efficiency, with application to the US new vehicle fleet. Phlips, Patrick Report 11741
Assessing the importance of radiative heat transfer for ECN spray a using the transported PDF method. Chishty, Muhammad Aqib; Bolla, Michele; Hawkes, Evatt; Pei, Yuanjiang; Kook, Sanghoon Report 5891
Characteristics of formaldehyde (C[H.sub.2]O) formation in Dimethyl Ether (DME) spray combustion using PLIF imaging. Cung, Khanh; Zhu, Xiucheng; Moiz, Ahmed Abdul; Lee, Seong-Young; De Ojeda, William Report 6792
Characterization of internal flow and spray behaviors of hole-type nozzle under tiny and normal injection quantity conditions for diesel engine. Dong, PengBo; Nishida, Keiya; Inaba, Takuya; Ogata, Youichi Report 6499
Characterizing gaseous fuels for their knock resistance based on the chemical and physical properties of the fuel. Gersen, Sander; van Essen, Martijn; Levinsky, Howard; van Dijk, Gerco Report 8205
Combined effect of oxygen enrichment and emulsification techniques on performance, emission and combustion of a WCO based CI engine. Masimalai, Senthilkumar; Nandagopal, Sasikumar Report 4780
Compatibility of dimethyl ether (DME) and diesel blends with fuel system polymers: a Hansen solubility analysis approach. Kass, Michael D.; Daw, Charles Report 5760
Disintegration mechanisms of intermittent liquid jets. Nygaard, Alexander; Altimira, Mireia; Wittberg, Lisa Prahl; Fuchs, Laszlo Report 5837
Effects of numerical schemes on large eddy simulation of turbulent planar gas jet and Diesel spray. Tsang, Chi-Wei; Rutland, Christopher Report 8496
Effects of oil formulation, oil separator, and engine speed and load on the particle size, chemistry, and morphology of diesel crankcase aerosols. Uy, Dairene; Storey, John; Sluder, C. Scott; Barone, Teresa; Lewis, Sam; Jagner, Mark Report 6929
Emissions and fuel economy evaluation from two current technology heavy-duty trucks operated on HVO and FAME blends. Karavalakis, George; Jiang, Yu; Yang, Jiacheng; Durbin, Thomas; Nuottimaki, Jukka; Lehto, Kalle Report 9248
Experimental and modeling study on ignition characteristics of 2, 5-Dihydrofuran. Fan, Xiangshan; Wang, Xibin; Yang, Kangkang; Li, Yaoting; Wu, Chuanzhou; Li, Ziqing Report 4293
Experimental and numerical analyses of liquid and spray penetration under heavy-duty diesel engine conditions. Maes, Noud; Dam, Nico; Somers, Bart; Lucchini, Tommaso; D'Errico, Gianluca; Hardy, Gilles Report 12252
Exploring the relationship between octane sensitivity and heat-of-vaporization. Sluder, C. Scott; Szybist, James P.; McCormick, Robert L.; Ratcliff, Matthew A.; Zigler, Bradley T. Report 8727
Impact of a diesel high pressure common rail fuel system and onboard vehicle storage on B20 biodiesel blend stability. Christensen, Earl; McCormick, Robert L.; Sigelko, Jenny; Johnson, Stuart; Zickmann, Stefan; Lopes, S Report 6312
Investigation into mixed and hydrodynamic frictions of PEO coatings and cast iron. Wang, Guang; Nie, Xueyuan; Tjong, Jimi Report 6062
Investigation on combustion, performance and emissions of automotive engine fueled with ethanol blended gasoline. Singh, Punit Kumar; Ramadhas, A.S.; Mathai, Reji; Sehgal, Ajay Kumar Report 5158
Knock resistance and fine particle emissions for several biomass-derived oxygenates in a direct-injection spark-ignition engine. Ratcliff, Matthew A.; Burton, Jonathan; Sindler, Petr; Christensen, Earl; Fouts, Lisa; Chupka, Gina Report 8446
Large eddy simulation of autoignition transients in a model diesel injector configuration. Hakim, Layal; Lacaze, Guilhem; Oefelein, Joseph Report 7047
Lubrication analysis of floating ring bearings considering floating ring heat transfer. Li, Jiaqi; Ni, Jimin; Wang, Qiwei Report 4815
Lubrication on demand: a novel polymeric bearing coating with oil-filled microcapsules. Gorges, Roger; Latham, David; Laing, Ian; Brock, Ronald Report 3866
MMT effects on gasoline vehicles: a literature review. Hoekman, S. Kent; Broch, Amber Report 19452
Oil transport from scraper ring step to liner at low engine speeds and effect of dimensions of scraper ring step. Fang, Tianshi; Tian, Tian Report 6909
On-road and dynamometer evaluation of vehicle auxiliary loads. Carlson, Richard Barney; Wishart, Jeffrey; Stutenberg, Kevin Report 4812
Options for use of GTL naphtha as a blending component in oxygenated gasoline. Rockstroh, Toby; Floweday, Gareth; Wilken, Celeste Report 5977
Understanding chemical composition and phase transitions of ash from field returned DPF units and their correlation with filter operating conditions. Bagi, Sujay; Bowker, Rick; Andrew, Rob Report 12741
Vehicle efficiency and tractive work: rate of change for the past decade and accelerated progress required for U.S. fuel economy and C[O.sub.2] regulations. Thomas, John Report 9410

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