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Articles from SAE International Journal of Engines (June 1, 2017)

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A Bond Graph-Based Method of Automated Generation of Automatic Transmission Mathematical Model. Ranogajec, Vanja; Deur, Josko 4577
A Combination of Swirl Ratio and Injection Strategy to Increase Engine Efficiency. Olmeda, Pablo; Martin, Jaime; Garcia, Antonio; Villalta, David; Warey, Alok; Domenech, Vicent 7978
A Framework for Quantifying Measurement Uncertainties and Uncertainty Propagation in HCCI/LTGC Engine Experiments. Petitpas, Guillaume; McNenly, Matthew J.; Whitesides, Russell A. 11889
A Miller Cycle Engine without Compromise - The Magma Concept. Osborne, Richard; Downes, Trevor; O'Brien, Simon; Pendlebury, Ken; Christie, Mark 6352
Application of High-Speed PIV Diagnostics for Simultaneous Investigation of Flow Field and Spark Ignited Flame inside an Optical SI Engine. Le, Minh Khoi; Furui, Takashi; Nishiyama, Atsushi; Ikeda, Yuji 5273
Calorimetry and Imaging of Plasma Produced by a Pulsed Nanosecond Discharge Igniter in EGR Gases at Engine-Relevant Densities. Wolk, Benjamin Matthew; Ekoto, Isaac 10711
Combustion Noise Reduction with High Thermal Efficiency by the Control of Multiple Fuel Injections in Premixed Diesel Engines. Shibata, Gen; Ogawa, Hideyuki; Okamoto, Yuki; Amanuma, Yasumasa; Kobashi, Yoshimitsu 6913
Conceptual Investigation of the Origins of Hydrocarbon Emissions from Mixing-Controlled, Compression-Ignition Combustion. Cheng, A.S.; Mueller, Charles J. 5944
Dedicated EGR Vehicle Demonstration. Robertson, Dennis; Chadwell, Christopher; Alger, Terrence; Zuehl, Jacob; Gukelberger, Raphael; Dento 4846
Design and Implementation of a D-EGR[R] Mixer for Improved Dilution and Reformate Distribution. Denton, Bradley; Chadwell, Christopher; Gukelberger, Raphael; Alger, Terrence 2738
Determination of SI Combustion Sensitivity to Fuel Perturbations as a Cyclic Control Input for Highly Dilute Operation. Jatana, Gurneesh S.; Kaul, Brian C. 5725
Determining Three-Way Catalyst Age Using Differential Lambda Signal Response. Rathod, Dhruvang; Hoffman, Mark A.; Onori, Simona 3342
Development and Application of a Virtual NOx Sensor for Robust Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Emission Control. Mentink, Paul; Seykens, Xander; Valdivieso, Daniel Escobar 4668
Development and Challenges of Electrically Selectable One-Way Clutches. Bird, Norman J.; Bindra, Raunak; Bindra, Jacob 7450
Development of a RANS-Based Knock Model to Infer the Knock Probability in a Research Spark-Ignition Engine. D'Adamo, Alessandro; Breda, Sebastiano; Iaccarino, Salvatore; Berni, Fabio; Fontanesi, Stefano; Zard 9671
Development of a Vehicle Model Architecture to Improve Modeling Flexibility. Stevens, Gary; Murtagh, Martin; Kee, Robert; Early, Juliana; Douglas, Roy; Best, Robert 5002
Development of Ignition Technology for Dilute Combustion Engines. Hayashi, Naoto; Sugiura, Akimitsu; Abe, Yuya; Suzuki, Kotaro 5406
DigitalAir[TM] Camless FVVA System - Part 1, Valve Train Design, Capability and Performance. Babbitt, Guy; Rogers, Jeff; Weyer, Kristina; Cohen, Drew; Charlton, Stephen 7775
DigitalAir[TM] Camless FVVA System - Part 2, Gasoline Engine Performance Opportunities. Charlton, Stephen J.; Price, Charles E.; Rogers, Jeff; Turner, James W.G.; Wijetunge, Roshan S.; And 6331
Dynamic Downsizing Gasoline Demonstrator. Bassett, Michael; Hall, Jonathan; Cains, Tony; Underwood, Mark; Wall, Richard 5087
Effect of Syngas ([H.sub.2]/CO) on SI Engine Knock under Boosted EGR and Lean Conditions. Han, Taehoon; Lavoie, George; Wooldridge, Margaret; Boehman, Andre 6600
Energy Analysis of Low-Load Low-Temperature Gasoline Combustion with Auxiliary-Fueled Negative Valve Overlap. Ekoto, Isaac; Wolk, Benjamin; Northrop, William 10897
Engine Operating Conditions and Fuel Properties on Pre-Spark Heat Release and SPI Promotion in SI Engines. Splitter, Derek; Kaul, Brian; Szybist, James; Jatana, Gurneesh 9782
Experimental Investigations Into Free-Circular Upward-Impinging Oil-Jet Heat Transfer of Automotive Pistons. Liu, Yen-Chung; Sangeorzan, Brian; Alkidas, Alex 7584
Fuel Economy Potential of Variable Compression Ratio for Light Duty Vehicles. Shelby, Michael H.; Leone, Thomas G.; Byrd, Kevin D.; Wong, Frank K. 6367
Guidelines for Interpreting Soot Luminosity Imaging. Hessel, Randy; Yue, Zongyu; Reitz, Rolf; Musculus, Mark; O'Connor, Jacqueline 11635
HEV Battery Pack Thermal Management Design and Packaging Solutions. Janarthanam, Sury; Paramasivam, Sarav; Maguire, Patrick; Gebbie, James; Hughes, Douglas 2498
Impact of Fuel Sprays on In-Cylinder Flow Length Scales in a Spark-Ignition Direct-Injection Engine. Zhuang, Hanyang; Sick, Volker; Chen, Hao 7395
Improved Modeling of Near-Wall Heat Transport for Cooling of Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Components by High Prandtl Number Flow. Saric, Sanjin; Ennemoser, Andreas; Basara, Branislav; Petutschnig, Heinz; Irrenfried, Christoph; Ste 3092
Increasing the Load Range, Load-to-Boost Ratio, and Efficiency of Low-Temperature Gasoline Combustion (LTGC) Engines. Dec, John E.; Dernotte, Jeremie; Ji, Chunsheng 17336
Investigation of Early and Late Intake Valve Closure Strategies for Load Control in a Spark Ignition Ethanol Engine. Lanzanova, Thompson; Nora, Macklini Dalla; Zhao, Hua 8317
Investigation of Impacts of Spark Plug Orientation on Early Flame Development and Combustion in a DI Optical Engine. Wang, Yanyu; Zhang, Jiongxun; Wang, Xin; Dice, Paul; Shahbakhti, Mahdi; Naber, Jeffrey; Czekala, Mic 6772
Investigation of Small Pilot Combustion in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine. Moreno, Carlos Jorques; Stenlaas, Ola; Tunestal, Per 7278
Laser-Induced Incandescence Measurements of Tailor-Made Fuels in an Optical Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine. Klein, Daniel; Pischinger, Stefan 6557
Model-Based Circuit Protection Using Solid State Switches. Brabetz, Ludwig; Ayeb, Mohamed; Gysen, Leonard 2562
Model-Based Wheel Torque and Backlash Estimation for Drivability Control. Canova, Marcello; Rostiti, Cristian; D'Avico, Luca; Stockar, Stephanie; Chen, Gang; Prucka, Michael; 4372
Most Recent Discussion of the Performance and Emissions Produced by a Stratified Torch Ignition Prototype Engine Fuelled by a Blend of Ethanol and Gasoline. Pontoppidan, Michael; Baeta, Adm Jose 6343
Next Improvement Potentials for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine - Tailor the Fuel Injection System to the Combustion Needs. Weber, Jost; Herrmann, Olaf; Puts, Ron; Kawamura, Jyun; Tomida, Yasufumi; Mashida, Makoto 4406
On Knock Intensity and Superknock in SI Engines. Kalghatgi, Gautam; Algunaibet, Ibrahim; Morganti, Kai; Aramco, Saudi 8650
Optical Engine Operation to Attain Piston Temperatures Representative of Metal Engine Conditions. Vedula, Ravi Teja; Stuecken, Thomas; Schock, Harold; Squibb, Cody; Hardman, Ken 6950
Optimization of an Advanced Combustion Strategy Towards 55% BTE for the Volvo SuperTruck Program. O'Connor, Jacqueline; Borz, Meghan; Ruth, Daniel; Han, Jun; Paul, Chandan; Imren, Abdurrahman; Hawor 6222
Reduction of Soot Formation in an Optical Single-Cylinder Gasoline Direct-Injected Engine Operated in Stratified Mode Using 350 Bar Fuel Injection Pressure, Dual-Coil and High-Frequency Ignition Systems. Johansson, Anders N.; Hemdal, Stina; Dahlander, Petter 7460
Reference and Pure Component Fuel Characterization in an Ignition Quality Tester Derived Cetane Rating Unit. Prak, Peter Luning; Hamilton, Len; Luning-Prak, Dianne; Cowart, Jim 7515
Significance of RON, MON, and LTHR for Knock Limits of Compositionally Dissimilar Gasoline Fuels in a DISI Engine. Vuilleumier, David; Sjoberg, Magnus 8312
Simultaneous Measurement of Natural Flame Luminosity and Emission Spectra in a RCCI Engine under Different Fuel Stratification Degrees. Tang, Qinglong; Liu, Haifeng; Yao, Mingfa 4742
Steady-State and Transient Operations of a Euro VI 3.0L HD Diesel Engine with Innovative Model-Based and Pressure-Based Combustion Control Techniques. Spessa, Ezio; D'ambrosio, Stefano; Iemmolo, Daniele; Mancarella, Alessandro; Vitolo, Roberto,Hardy, 8175
Strain Analysis of Belt Element-Pulley Interaction of an Automobile CVT under Actual Vehicle Speed Condition. Ono, Yuki; Matsumoto, Kenji 2467
Study of Air Flow Interaction with Pilot Injections in a Diesel Engine by Means of PIV Measurements. Garcia-Oliver, Jose M.; Garcia, Antonio; Gil, Antonio; Pachano, Leonardo 6162
Study of Low Soot or Soot-Free Leaner Lifted Flame Combustion in a Light Duty Optical Engine. Malbec, Louis-Marie; Kashdan, Julian 10102
Study of the Combustion Characteristics of a HCCI Engine Coupled with Oxy-Fuel Combustion Mode. Kang, Zhe; Wu, Zhijun; Zhang, Zhehao; Deng, Jun; Hu, Zongjie; Li, Liguang Report 5159
The Impact of Lubricant Volatility, Viscosity and Detergent Chemistry on Low Speed Pre-Ignition Behavior. Kocsis, Michael Clifford; Briggs, Thomas; Anderson, Garrett 7458
Theoretical Study on Spray Design for Small-Bore Diesel Engine (Second Report). Takada, Noriyuki; Hashizume, Takeshi; Tomoda, Terutoshi; Inagaki, Kazuhisa; Kawamura, Kiyomi Report 4913
Transmission Output Chain Spin Loss Study. Zhou, Sen; Williams, Bryan 3010
Two-Phase MRF Model for Wet Clutch Drag Simulation. Wang, Pengchuan; Katopodes, Nikolaos; Fujii, Yuji 5878
Understanding Hydrocarbon Emissions in Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Combining Experimental and Computational Methods. Koci, Chad; Dempsey, Adam; Nudd, Jeffery; Knier, Bradley 11253
Water Injection as an Enabler for Increased Efficiency at High-Load in a Direct Injected, Boosted, SI Engine. Worm, Jeremy; Naber, Jeffrey; Duncan, Joel; Barros, Sam; Atkinson, William 4223
Water Injection to Enhance Performance and Emissions of a Turbocharged Gasoline Engine under High Load Condition. Iacobacci, Arturo; Marchitto, Luca; Valentino, Gerardo 5898

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