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Articles from SAE International Journal of Engines (September 1, 2016)

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A Study of the Friction of Oil Control Rings Using the Floating Liner Engine. Westerfield, Zachary; Tian, Tian; Liu, Yang; Kim, Dallwoo Report 7656
A Zonal Turbulence Modeling Approach for ICE Flow Simulation. Krastev, Vesselin Krassimirov; Bella, Gino Report 5777
Advanced Knock Detection for Diesel/Natural Gas Engine Operation. Kirsten, Martin; Pirker, Gerhard; Redtenbacher, Christoph; Wimmer, Andreas; Chmela, Franz Report 6849
An Approach to Controlling N2O Emission on HDD On-Road Applications. Clark, Davion O.; Pauly, Thomas Technical report 3078
An Efficient Level-Set Flame Propagation Model for Hybrid Unstructured Grids Using the G-Equation. Perini, Federico; Ra, Youngchul; Hiraoka, Kenji; Nomura, Kazutoshi; Yuuki, Akihiro; Oda, Yuji; Rutla Report 7416
An Efficient, Durable Vocational Truck Gasoline Engine. Remhart, Thomas; Megel, Marc Report 8439
Analysis and Choice of Input Candidates for a Virtual N[O.sub.x] Sensor by a Mutual Information Approach. Schrangl, Patrick; Schmied, Roman; Stadlbauer, Stephan; Waschl, Harald; del Re, Luigi; Ramsebner, Be Technical report 5712
Analysis of the Turbocharger Compressor Surge Margin Using a Hurst-Exponent-based Criterion. Kerres, Bertrand; Nair, Vineeth; Cronhjort, Andreas; Mihaescu, Mihai Technical report 8250
Application of Corona Discharge Ignition in a Boosted Direct-Injection Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine: Effects on Combustion Phasing, Fuel Consumption, and Emissions. Pineda, Daniel I.; Wolk, Benjamin; Chen, Jyh-Yuan; Dibble, Robert W. Technical report 11882
Bond Graph Analysis of Automatic Transmission Shifts including Potential of Extra Clutch Control. Ranogajec, Vanja; Deur, Josko; Coric, Mirko Technical report 9137
Capability Assessment Process for the Optimisation of Testing Facilities for Powertrain Development. Lawson, Philip; Houldcroft, John; Neil, Andrew; Balcombe, Andrea; Osborne, Richard; Ciriello, Antoni Technical report 8608
Catalytic Soot Oxidation: Effect of Ceria-Zirconia Catalyst Particle Size. Konstandopoulos, Athanasios G.; Pagkoura, Chrysoula; Lorentzou, Souzana; Kastrinaki, Georgia Technical report 4933
Combustion Development to Realize High Thermal Efficiency Engines. Takahashi, Daishi; Nakata, Koichi; Yoshihara, Yasushi; Omura, Tetsuo Report 3054
Comparison of Parameter-Identified Simulation Models with Different Detailing Level to Reproduce the Side Shaft Torque of an Automotive Powertrain with Automatic Transmission. Yousif, Leonard; Rot, Ivan; Rinderknecht, Stephan Technical report 7679
Control and Integration Challenges for Future Automatic Transmissions. Li, Dongxu Technical report 6580
Design of Catalytic Devices by Means of Genetic Algorithm: Comparison between Open-Cell Foam and Honeycomb Type Substrates. Falfari, Stefania; Micci, Giacomo; Bianchi, Gian Marco; Brusiani, Federico; Montenegro, Gianluca; To Technical report 6240
Design Optimization of a Valvetrain System under Engine Brake Switch Loading by means of Strain Measurement. Yanarocak, Rifat Kohen; Boz, Hakan Technical report 3819
Development of an e-LSD Control Strategy Considering the Evolution of the Friction Torque with the Wear Depth. Tesi, Amedeo; Vinattieri, Francesco; Capitani, Renzo; Annicchiarico, Claudio Technical report 5098
Evaluation and Prediction of Deposit Severity in SCR Systems. Smith, Henrik; Lauer, Thomas; Schimik, Viktor; Gabel, Klaus Technical report 12022
Experimental and Numerical Study of Flame Kernel Formation Processes of Propane-Air Mixture in a Pressurized Combustion Vessel. Zhu, Xiucheng; Sforza, Lorenzo; Ranadive, Tejas; Zhang, Anqi; Lee, Seong-Young; Naber, Jeffrey; Lucc Report 9540
Experimental Investigation of Homogeneous Charge Induced Ignition (HCII) with Low-Pressure Injection to Reduce PM Emissions in a Heavy-Duty Engine. Chang, Zhanteng; Yu, Chao; Zhang, Haiyan; Ren, Shuojin; Wang, Zhi; Wang, Boyuan; Wang, Jianxin Report 6241
Experimental Investigation of the Impact of In-Cylinder Pressure Oscillations on Piston Heat Transfer. Gingrich, Eric; Janecek, Daniel; Ghandhi, Jaal Technical report 7188
Extension of the Phenomenological 3-Arrhenius Auto-Ignition Model for Six Surrogate Automotive Fuels. Blomberg, Christopher Kim; Mitakos, Dimitrios; Bardi, Michele; Boulouchos, Konstantinos; Wright, Yur Report 7764
Fast Simulation of Wave Action in Engine Air Path Systems Using Model Order Reduction. Stockar, Stephanie; Canova, Marcello; Xiao, Baitao; Dai, Wengang; Buckland, Julia Report 6104
Fretting Analysis of an Engine Bearing Cap Using Computer Simulation. Sato, Kenji; Hamakawa, Takeru; Yamasaki, Takeyuki; Ishihara, Yoshimichi; Hashimoto, Hisashi; Shi, Ch Technical report 2478
Highly Turbocharged Gasoline Engine and Rapid Compression Machine Studies of Super-Knock. Liu, Hui; Wang, Zhi; Wooldridge, Margaret; Fatouraie, Mohammad; Jia, Zhichao; Qi, Yunliang; He, Xin; Report 5891
Impact of Carbonaceous Compounds Present in Real-World Diesel Exhaust on NOx Conversion over Vanadia-SCR Catalyst. Kumar, Ashok; Ingram, Kristopher; Goyal, Deepesh; Kamasamudram, Krishna Report 3400
Impact of Rh Oxidation State on NOx Reduction Performance of Multi-Component Lean NOx Trap (LNT) Catalyst. Li, Junhui; Currier, Neal; Yezerets, Aleksey; Chen, Hai-Ying; Hess, Howard; Mulla, Shadab Report 5657
Improvement of Temperature Prediction Method for Traction Contact. Sano, Toshinari; Inoue, Masashi; Itoigawa, Fumihiro Technical report 6438
Internal Combustion Engine - Automatic Transmission Matching for Next Generation Power Transfer Technology Development in Automotive Applications. Robinette, Darrell; Singh, Tejinder Technical report 11081
Investigating the Effect of Advanced Automatic Transmissions on Fuel Consumption Using Vehicle Testing and Modeling. Moskalik, Andrew; Hula, Aaron; Barba, Daniel; Kargul, John Technical report 8725
Investigation of Fuel Injection Strategies for Direct Injection of Neat n-Butanol in a Compression Ignition Engine. Yanai, Tadanori; Aversa, Christopher; Dev, Shouvik; Reader, Graham; Zheng, Ming Report 8003
Leaner Lifted-Flame Combustion Enabled by the Use of an Oxygenated Fuel in an Optical CI Engine. Gehmlich, Ryan K.; Dumitrescu, Cosmin E.; Wang, Yefu; Mueller, Charles J. Report 10877
Lubricant-Derived Ash Impact on Gasoline Particulate Filter Performance. Custer, Nicholas; Kamp, Carl Justin; Sappok, Alexander; Pakko, James; Lambert, Christine; Boerensen, Report 6681
Metric-based Evaluation of Software Architecture for an Engine Management System. Venkitachalam, Hariharan; Wissel, Dirk von; Richenhagen, Johannes Report 5661
Modeling Gerotor Oil Pumps in 1D to Predict Performance with Known Operating Clearances. Harrison, Jonathan; Aihara, Rodrigo; Eisele, Fabian Technical report 4175
Modeling of Catalyzed Particulate Filters - Concept Phase Simulation and Real-Time Plant Modeling on HiL. Wurzenberger, Johann C.; Bardubitzki, Sophie; Kutschi, Susanne; Fairbrother, Robert; Poetsch, Christ Technical report 10447
Motorcycle Dual Exhaust Muffler Design Improvement to Eliminate Failure Caused by Thermal Stress. Bansode, Narendra V.; Ganguly, Arnab; Agarwal, Vikas Kumar Technical report 2184
New Development of a Gas Cavitation Model for Evaluation of Drag Torque Characteristics in Disengaged Wet Clutches. Pahlovy, Shahjada A.; Mahmud, Syeda F.; Kubota, Masamitsu; Ogawa, Makoto; Takakura, Norio Technical report 3472
On Road Durability and Performance Test of Diesel Particulate Filter with BS III and BS IV Fuel for Indian Market. Kumar, Dhinesh; Raju, Ashwhanth; Sheth, Nitin; Digeser, Steffen Technical report 6258
Particle Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles during Cold-Cold Start. Badshah, Huzeifa; Kittelson, David; Northrop, William Technical report 8149
Prechamber Hot Jet Ignition of Ultra-Lean [H.sub.2]/Air Mixtures: Effect of Supersonic Jets and Combustion Instability. Biswas, Sayan; Qiao, Li Report 5091
Profile Optimization of the Teeth of the Double Rack-and-Pinion Gear Mechanism in the MCE-5 VCRi Engine. Duchemin, Matthieu; Collee, Vincent Technical report 4171
Rapidly Pulsed Reductants in Diesel NOx Reduction by Lean NOx Traps: Effects of Mixing Uniformity and Reductant Type. Reihani, Amin; Corson, Benjamin; Hoard, John W.; Fisher, Galen B.; Smirnov, Evgeny; Roemer, Dirk; Th Technical report 7743
Recovery of Tail Pipe Species Concentrations and Its Effect on Emissions Calculations from Raw Exhaust Gas Streams during Chassis Dynamometer Tests. Mahadevan, Venkatraman; Iyer, Suresh; Klinikowski, David Technical report 6841
Reduction of Heat Loss and Improvement of Thermal Efficiency by Application of "Temperature Swing" Insulation to Direct-Injection Diesel Engines. Wakisaka, Yoshifumi; Inayoshi, Minaji; Fukui, Kenji; Kosaka, Hidemasa; Hotta, Yoshihiro; Kawaguchi, Report 6259
Robust, Cost-Optimal and Compliant Engine and Aftertreatment Operation using Air-Path Control and Tailpipe Emission Feedback. Ramachandran, Satish Narayanan; Hommen, Gillis; Mentink, Paul; Seykens, Xander; Willems, Frank; Kupp Report 7332
Sulfur Poisoning of a N[O.sub.x] Storage Catalyst - A Comprehensive Modelling Approach. Hadl, Klaus; Ratzberger, Reinhard; Eichlseder, Helmut; Schuessler, Martin; Linares, Waldemar; Pucher Technical report 7381
Surface Conductivity Measurement of Catalyst Materials by EUPS and Its Correlation to Catalyst Performance. Nagata, Makoto; Yamada, Takashi; Ando, Ryuji; Kim, Insu; Tomie, Toshihisa Report 2367
Tool-based Optimization of the Topology of an Electrical Distribution System (EDS). Brabetz, Ludwig; Ayeb, Mohamed; Baumgarten, Oliver Report 2659
Transient, Three Dimensional CFD Model of the Complete Engine Lubrication System. Dhar, Sujan; Afjeh, Homa; Srinivasan, Chiranth; Ranganathan, Raj; Jiang, Yu Technical report 4814
Ultrasound for Crimp Inspection. Maalouf, Khalil; Stull, David; Nicholas, Keith Report 3082
Using Ethanol's Double Octane Boosting Effect with Low RON Naphtha-Based Fuel for an Octane on Demand SI Engine. Bourhis, Guillaume; Solari, Jean-Pascal; Morel, Virginie; Dauphin, Roland Report 9477
Vehicle and Drive Cycle Simulation of a Vacuum Insulated Catalytic Converter. Daya, Rohil; Hoard, John; Chanda, Sreedhar; Singh, Maneet Technical report 6722

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