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Articles from SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles (May 1, 2017)

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A Calibration Optimizer Tool for Torque Estimation of KO Clutch in Hybrid Automatic Transmissions. Espino, Vicente Cuapio; Bichkar, Akshay; Osorio, Joycer D. Technical report 3594
A Corrected Surrogate Model Based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Method under Uncertainty. Wu, Xianhe; Fang, Yudong; Zhan, Zhenfei; Liu, Xu; Guo, Gang Technical report 4532
A Development of Energy Management System with Semi-Transparent Solar Roof and Off-Cycle Credit Test Methodology for Solar Power Assisted Automobile. Jung, Haeyoon; Song, MiYeon; Kim, Sanghak Technical report 4668
A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Strategy with a Disturbance Observer for Spark Ignition Engines with External EGR. Zhu, Qilun; Prucka, Robert; Prucka, Michael; Dourra, Hussein Technical report 7559
A Thermal Bus for Vehicle Cooling Applications - Design and Analysis. Naini, Shervin Shoai; Huang, Junkui (Allen); Miller, Richard; Wagner, John R.; Rizzo, Denise; Shurin Technical report 5836
Accelerated Lab Test Methodology for Steering Gearbox Bracket Using Fatigue Damage and Reliability Correlation. Karthikeyan, N. Obuli; Kumar, R. Dinesh; Chandra, V. Srinivasa; Murali, Vela Technical report 3159
Accelerated Testing of Brake Hoses for Durability Assessment. Cantoni, Carlo; Mastinu, Giampiero; Gobbi, Massimiliano; Ballo, Federico; Previati, Giorgio Technical report 2962
Accurate Cycle Predictions and Calibration Optimization Using a Two-Stage Global Dynamic Model. Azmin, Farraen Mohd; Mortimer, Phil; Seabrook, Justin Technical report 3269
Advanced Diesel Particulate Filter Technology for Cost Effective and Robust BSVI Solutions. Govindareddy, Mahesh; Heibel, Achim Technical report 4969
An Application of a Model-Prediction-Based Reference Modification Algorithm to Engine Air Path Control. Shirai, Hayato; Nakada, Hayato; Matsunaga, Akio; Tominaga, Hiroyuki Technical report 4581
Assessing the Value of Information for Multiple, Correlated Design Alternatives. Capser, Shawn P.; Nikolaidis, Efstratios Report 8078
Basic Characteristics of Adaptive Suspensions of Vehicles with New Principle of Operation. Dubrovskiy, Anatoliy; Aliukov, Sergei; Dubrovskiy, Sergei; Alyukov, Alexander Technical report 6718
Considerations of Vibration Fatigue for Automotive Components. Wang, Liang; Burger, Robert; Aloe, Alan Technical report 5769
Cyber-Physical System Based Optimization Framework for Intelligent Powertrain Control. Lv, Chen; Wang, Hong; Zhao, Bolin; Cao, Dongpu; Huaji, Wang; Zhang, Junzhi; Li, Yutong; Yuan, Ye Technical report 5879
Data Driven Calibration Approach. Pervez, Nahid; Kue, Ace Koua; Appukuttan, Adarsh; Bogema, John; van Nieuwstadt, Michael Report 3225
Design and Analysis of Lifting Pusher Drop Axle for Heavy Commercial Vehicle. Shukla, Jitesh; Grinspan, A.; Subramanian, Jeyanthi Technical report 4417
Design and Development of Electro Hydraulics Hitch Control for Agricultural Tractor. Bhondave, Babu; Ganesan, T.; Varma, Naveen; Renu, Rajasekar; Sabarinath, N. Technical report 1848
Design of a Thermoelectric Generator for Waste Heat Recovery Application on a Drivable Heavy Duty Vehicle. Risseh, Arash E.; Nee, Hans-Peter; Erlandsson, Olof; Brinkfeldt, Klas; Contet, Arnaud; Frobenius, Fa Technical report 14609
Design of an Adaptive FO-PID Controller for an In-Wheel-Motor Driven Electric Vehicle. Shi, Yue; Liu, Qingwei; Yu, Fan Technical report 4393
Development of a Virtual Multi-Axial Simulation Table to Enhance the Prognosis of Loads on Powertrain Mounting System During Durability Applications. Khapane, Prashant; Lohani, Sumiran Technical report 4554
Durability Test Time Reduction Methods. Brudnak, Mark; Walsh, James; Baseski, Igor; LaRose, Bryan Report 6022
Effects of Entrapped Gas within the Fluid on the Stiffness and Damping Characteristics of a Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension Strut. Yin, Yuming; Rakheja, Subhash; Yang, Jue; Boileau, P-E. Technical report 4513
Electric Water Cooling Pump Sensitivity Based Adaptive Control. Kokotovic, Vladimir Vasilije; Buckman, Colby Technical report 3605
Engine in the Loop: Closed Loop Test Bench Control with Real-Time Simulation. Klein, Serge; Savelsberg, Rene; Xia, Feihong; Guse, Daniel; Andert, Jakob; Blochwitz, Torsten; Bella Technical report 6240
Evaluation of a Commercial Demonstration Bus Line Utilizing Wireless Charging Technology. Hu, Yaodong; Feng, Siyuan; Yao, Changsheng; Shao, Wenbo; Xu, Lubing; Zhang, Xieyuan; Lin, Li; Zhang, Technical report 7148
Field Failure Resolution of a Tractor Engine Exhaust System Using Constrained Single Objective Optimization and Stochastic Analysis. Perumal, Solairaj; Kumar, Abhay; Mahajan, Arun; Redkar, Dinesh; Balakrishnan, Sureshkumar Technical report 4143
Injection Pattern Design for Real Time Control of Diesel Engine Acoustic Emission. Ravaglioli, Vittorio; Stola, Federico; Cesare, Matteo De; Ponti, Fabrizio; Sgatti, Stefano Technical report 5032
Integration of Active Braking System in Multi-Body Systems Tool to Improve Prediction of Braking Loads. McCann, Gregory; Khapane, Prashant Technical report 9681
Mean-Value Second-Order Saddlepoint Approximation for Reliability Analysis. Papadimitriou, Dimitrios; Mourelatos, Zissimos Technical report 3957
Modular Fault Diagnosis System for Engine Test Bed Measurements. Wohlthan, Michael; Pirker, Gerhard; Wimmer, Andreas Technical report 6869
Multi-Objective Optimization of Transient Air-Fuel Ratio Limitation of a Diesel Engine Using DoE Based Pareto-Optimal Approach. Gurel, Cetin; Ozmen, Elif; Yilmaz, Metin; Aydin, Didem; Koprubasi, Kerem Technical report 5353
Obstacle Avoidance Strategy and Implementation for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Using LIDAR. Wang, Yang; Goila, Ankit; Shetty, Rahul; Heydari, Mahdi; Desai, Ambarish; Yang, Hanlong Technical report 3841
On the Tradeoffs between Static and Dynamic Adaptive Optimization for an Automotive Application. D'Amato, Anthony; Wang, Yan; Filev, Dimitar; Remes, Enrique Technical report 3383
Optimal Power Management of Vehicle Sourced Military Outposts. Jane, Robert; Parker, Gordon G.; Weaver, Wayne; Matthews, Ronald; Rizzom, Denise; Cook, Michael Technical report 7088
Optimization of Damper Top Mount Characteristics for Semi-Active Suspension System. Kaldas, Mina M.S.; Caliskan, Kemal; Henze, Roman; Kucukay, Ferit Technical report 4958
Optimization of Front Wheel Drive Engine Mounting System for Third Order Shudder Improvement. Zhu, Yitao; Datar, Makarand; Addepalli, Kalyan; Remisoski, Natalie Technical report 3370
Performance Optimization for the Centre Axle Trailer Combination. Yang, Yuliang; Yang, Yu; Sun, Ying; Zeng, Jian; Zhang, Yunquan Technical report 4308
Potentials for Platooning in U.S. Highway Freight Transport. Muratori, Matteo; Holden, Jacob; Lammert, Michael; Duran, Adam; Young, Stanley; Gonder, Jeffrey Technical report 3576
Powerpack Design in S-HEV: Quantifying the Influence of Duty Cycles on Design and Fuel Economy. Ivanco, Andrej Technical report 3577
Robust Model-Based Discrete Sliding Mode Control of an Automotive Electronic Throttle Body. Amini, Mohammad Reza; Razmara, Meysam; Shahbakhti, Mahdi Technical report 7028
Start/Stop Test Drive Cycle Design and Implementation in Challenging Markets: A Mexico City Case Study. Toledo, Andres; Felix, Rodrigo Case study 6871
Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis Using a Modified Composite Limit State Approach. Majcher, Monica; Mourelatos, Zissimos; Tsianika, Vasiliki Technical report 4402
Time-Dependent Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Vibratory Systems. Patil, Santosh; Papadimitriou, Dimitrios; Mourelatos, Zissimos Technical report 6077
Vibro-Impact Analysis of Manual Transmission Gear Rattle and Its Sound Quality Evaluation. Wu, Guangqiang; Wu, Huwei Technical report 5177
Yaw Stability Enhancement of Articulated Commercial Vehicles via Gain-Scheduling Optimal Control Approach. Li, Bin; Rakheja, Subhash Technical report 4224

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