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Articles from SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles (October 1, 2016)

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A method for truck underbody aerodynamic investigation. Stephens, Richard G.; Stevens, Patrick R.R.J.; Babinsky, Holger Report 4690
A novel technique to determine free-stream velocity from ground-based anemometric measurements during track tests. Tanguay, Bernard Report 13063
A study on improvement of fuel economy of heavy duty hybrid trucks with new type of hybrid electric assist engine system. Okui, Nobunori Report 5352
A tool for generating individual driving cycles - IDCB. Gruner, Jan; Marker, Stefanie Report 7257
Aerodynamic performance of flat-panel boat-tails and their interactive benefits with side-skirts. McAuliffe, Brian R.; Wall, Alanna S. Report 9008
Aerodynamics of an unloaded timber truck - A CFD investigation. Ekman, Petter; Gardhagen, Roland; Virdung, Torbjorn; Karlsson, Matts Report 4312
An innovative approach to kinematic analysis of multibody hydraulic actuation systems. Francia, Marco; Milani, Massimo; Montorsi, Luca Report 3804
Automated driving impediments. Mentzer, Chris; Lamm, Ryan D.; Towler, Jerry Report 4186
CFD correlation with wind-tunnel for dry van trailer aerodynamic devices. Dasarathan, Devaraj; Ellis, Matthew; Chinnamani, Surya; Ayala, Ray; Haws, James Report 5743
Characterization of aerodynamic design spaces for adjustable tractor surfaces. Novacek, Justin J.; Sowmianarayanan, Bhargav Report 4645
Current approaches in HiL-based ADAS testing. Feilhauer, Marius; Haering, Juergen; Wyatt, Sean Report 4370
Cycle-average heavy-duty engine test procedure for full vehicle certification - numerical algorithms for interpreting cycle-average fuel maps. Zhang, Houshun; Sanchez, L. James; Spears, Matthew; Sarlashkar, Jayant; Robertson, Dennis; Ross, Mic Report 12255
Dynamic analysis of the lubrication in a wet clutch of a hydromechanical variable transmission. Bassi, Andrea; Milani, Massimo; Montorsi, Luca; Terzi, Stefano Report 6953
Effect of cab suspension configuration and location on tractor semi-trailer driver comfort. Roy, Judhajit; Law, E. Harry Report 6954
Effect of steering assistance control by external information feedback control and chassis control. Yamaguchi, Ryo; Nozaki, Hiromichi Report 3439
Effect of the frontal edge radius in a platoon of bluff bodies. Gheyssens, Thomas; Van Raemdonck, Gandert Report 7224
EPA GHG certification of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles: Development of road grade profiles representative of US controlled access highways. Wood, Eric; Duran, Adam; Kelly, Kenneth Report 4709
Fuel and freight efficiency - past, present and future perspectives. Mihelic, Rick Report 36300
Fuel and freight efficiency - past, present and future perspectives. Mihelic, Rick Report 29063
Fuel-savings from aerodynamic efficiency improvements for combination tractor-trailers relative to vehicle speed. Waltzer, Sam; Johnson, Dennis; Wei, Kuang; Wilson, Jonathan Report 5823
Heavy vehicle hardware-in-the-loop automatic emergency braking simulation with experimental validation. Salaani, M. Kamel; sell, David Mike; Boday, Chris; Elsasser, Devin Report 2298
Heavy-duty vehicle port drayage drive cycle characterization and development. Prohaska, Robert; Konan, Arnaud; Kelly, Kenneth; Lammert, Michael Report 5049
Multi-domain simulation model of a wheel loader. Saha, Rohit; Hwang, Long-Kung; Madurai Kumar, And Mahesh; Zhao, Yunfeng; Yu, Chen; Ransijn, Bob Report 4153
New MAHLE steel piston and pin coating system for reduced TCO of CV engines. Maurizi, Marco; Hrdina, Daniel Report 3245
Off-road tire-terrain interaction: An analytical solution. Bekakos, Chrysostomos-Alexandros; Papazafeiropoulos, George; O'Boy, Dan J.; Prins, Jan; Mavros, Geor Report 5076
Overhead guard physical tests vs LS-DYNA FE simulations. Cafolla, Janka; Smart, Derick; Warner, Barry Report 4851
Piston cooling nozzle oil jet evaluation using CFD and a high speed camera. Kelleher, Jordan; Ajotikar, Nikhil Report 4331
Real world duty cycle development method for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM). Yuan, QingHui Report 4778
Rear underrun protection test (ECE R58) using CAE simulation. Jaju, Satish; Pandare, Sahil Report 2068
Towards a cyber assurance testbed for heavy vehicle electronic controls. Daily, Jeremy; Gamble, Rose; Moffitt, Stephen; Raines, Connor; Harris, Paul; Miran, Jannah; Ray, Ind Report 6946
Track-based aerodynamic testing of a heavy-duty vehicle: Coast-down measurements. McAuliffe, Brian R.; Chuang, David Report 10958
Use of full coupling of aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics for numerical simulation of the crosswind stability of ground vehicles. Carbonne, Louis; Winkler, Niklas; Efraimsson, Gunilla Report 8634
Vehicle demonstration of 2 stroke engine brake in a heavy duty truck. Howell, Thomas; Swanbon, Bruce; Baltrucki, Justin; Steines, Alan; Neff, Nancy; Lu, Biao Report 6550

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